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How To Say Thank You To Mom This Mothers Day

When the weather starts to warm up and the flowers poke through it means one thing: Mother's Day is quickly approaching!

While we think that Mothers (and all women for that matter) should be celebrated every day, we still think that mothers day is one of the most important celebrations of the year! 

Mothers and mother figures do so much for you. They care for you and love you unconditionally, they scold you when you need it and are there to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. They have the tough job of putting up with all of your moods (don't act like you don't have them we do too!!)  They have laughed with you, (and at you) cried with you, worried about you and celebrated with you. Mother’s day is the day when you show them you recognize and appreciate everything that they’ve done for you. 

There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation, here are some of our favourites. 

Plan A Day Out

Start with a coffee at your favourite local coffee shop and then the day is your oyster! Maybe your mom has been begging you to go hiking with her or shopping or to high tea, find a few things you can do and spend the whole day doing activities and foods that she absolutely loves! Making a whole day all about her is a great repayment for all the boring recitals, cello lessons and theme park lines she sat through for you. 

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Write A Letter

Maybe you were a difficult teenager or a sassy young adult. It might be easier to put your thoughts into words on paper. A thoughtful letter on nice stationery can go a long way and can show your mom that just because you have a hard time saying it out loud doesn't mean you don't have those feelings. Want to make letters extra special? Have each of your siblings or other parent write letters too and put them in a beautiful box she can use as a keepsake. 

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Photo Recreation 

They were all the rage a while ago but they are still fun to do! Get your family together and re-pose in an old favourite picture. Have them both framed side by side and give to your mom on mothers day for a good laugh and a fun keepsake

left image depicts children in vibrant outfits posed on a ladder right image is the children grown up in similar clothing recrating the left photo


Take a Class

Nothing builds a bond better than being creative and learning something new! Maybe your mom has always wanted to learn ceramics or pottery or how to make tahdig, learning something together will thank her for all the things she has taught you about life and yourself. Plus it's always fun to get messy and learn! Even better if it turns into a hobby that you two can do together. 

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Build a Gift Box

Cant be with your mom or is her love language gifts? Building a gift box is a great way to personalize a gift and make her feel pampered and luxurious. Add items she can use just for herself and items that will be great for self-care so it can be the gift that keeps on giving. Adding in luxurious extras like bracelets can make the gift feel impressive and thoughtful as well. At SAM & LANCE, we have a box builder where you can easily choose beautiful ethically sourced items from women-owned businesses and have them packed in a customized box. All you have to do is click around and it's all done! You can check it out here: www.samandlance.com/buildyourbox


brown box surrounded by ribbon, the top of the box is stamped with the words "just for you' in white ink


Get overwhelmed by choice? Here are some pre-made boxes that are sure to still feel personalized and unique just for mom. 


brown 'warm & cozy' box filled with brown crinkled paper and a black mug depicting a seascape by Salty Raven, a jar of artisinal jam from Worthy jams, a brown pouch of tea from Elctrk tea and a black tin containing a coffee scented candle


Don't forget to include a personalized note telling mom how much you love her! 

We want to hear from you! What's the best advice you got from your mom, grandma or mother figure? Let us know in the comments and we’ll share it on our socials!

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