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4 ways to go above and beyond for your clients

You work so hard all day, you work hard for yourself, your family, your friends and of course your amazing clients. You deserve a bit of a break and a reward for all your hard work. 

Bringing in new clients is incredibly time-consuming, between your ads, cold reach outs, networking events you're worn pretty thin. It often feels like you don't have enough time for the clients you actually already have! 

The dream would be for clients to just show up on your doorstep (or DM!) and know what you stand for and be 100% ready to throw their money at you. It's a beautiful dream!

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What if your current clients found your new clients for you? What if their recommendation was so powerful, their networks came bursting through your door? Who says this can't happen!? 

Through work and interviews with our favourite freelancers here is what is best recommended for getting your clients to be your number one advocates and marketers!

Underpromise & Overdeliver

You are the expert, and you know what you can deliver, but why not propose slightly less than you can deliver or make your timeline slightly longer so that you can easily over deliver and make your clients swoon. 

Say you're a photographer and you usually offer your clients 60 edited shots but editing a few extra wouldn't take much time. Maybe include them and knock the socks off your client! 

Or if it will take you about 3 days to create a document, quote the client 5 days and if you get it to them a bit early they'll be happy as a clam! 

These are of course over simplified examples but be creative and see if you can adjust your offerings to make sure there's a little hidden something extra you can wow your client with. 

Get Personal 

Through working together you’ll naturally get to know your clients but make notes of the little things they say and work them back into conversations later. 

For example if they have to cancel a call because their daughter is sick, check in a few days later just to ask how she's doing. Don't include anything else in the message about the project or next meeting, just a simple “hey just wanted to check in and see how your daughter is feeling!” will work wonders! Or if you know your clients address you can always send them over some soup from  your favourite spot. Showing your clients that not only do you listen but you also care will put you miles ahead of everyone else they work with

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Create Rewards

Official rewards programs can be tricky and might not really work with your business model. But what you can do is if you do get a referral make sure to send the referring client a gift, a note or even just a coffee to show your appreciation 

You can also reward the client who was referred, referencing your current client and say “any friend of “Client” is a friend of mine” and include a discount or welcome gift. This way they know from the start that you value your referrals and will be thinking about who to sing your praises to!

Surprise & Delight

Well yes technically each of these would surprise and delight your clients but what about taking it one step further? 

Showing your customers that you appreciate their business is an important part of being a freelancer. 

Depending on your budget there are a number of ways to show your appreciation: 

  • A handwritten card that you can send in the mail thanking them for choosing you and maybe mention some of your favourite parts about working with them 
  • If you’ve gotten close take them for lunch or for dinner! 
  • Send them a curated custom gift box with products that represent their personal and business ethics and values. SAM & LANCE can help you customize something for every client and any budget and will work to make sure you stand out and are number one in their minds! 
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If you’re serious about getting your clients to refer you to everyone AND making an impact, let’s chat! Book a call with us here to learn how you can increase client happiness and become the go to freelancer that everyone loves!

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