two SAM & LANCE empower her boxes on a white table one closed and one open with tissue and a notecard

How to get the most value out of every subscription box

Subscription boxes are a great way to discover new products and new brands, at a fraction of the cost and a great way to treat yourself (see our blog post on that here!) or your loved ones. Depending on your budget it can be a bit of a commitment and so it's important to make the most of your subscription box!

Choosing The Right Box

There are many subscription box options available but finding the right box for you is number one. Think about your personal values, do you care about the environment? Supporting local businesses? Fair wages? Think about what matters most to you and look into companies that share your personal values. 


For example, at SAM & LANCE all our products are from women-owned small businesses that have ethical and sustainable business practices. Our boxes also include at least 50% of the items from BIPOC owned and operated businesses. To us, these values are what we wanted in a box so that's what we created. If the company you are looking into isn't clear on certain things that are important to you then definitely reach out to them! 


You want to make sure that it's a good fit for you based on your values!



SAM & LANCE Empower Her box with bug spray, nail polish, temporary tattoo, gold plated ring, a xcented candle, bar of soap and a notecard

Careful Choices

Often as part of your subscription, you might get to choose one of two or three products to customize your box. It may be exciting to pick the weird or trendy thing, but sit and really think about how that item will be used in your home or as part of your life. It might be the more ‘mundane’ choice but actually using and loving something will give you much more joy in the long run!


SAM & LANCE empower her box showing a bar of soap, tin of body butter, satin scrunchie and pouch of tea


If a product in your box is not 100% your style or vibe consider regifting it. Maybe a friend is having a rough time and could use a pick me up or your new intern has really gone above and beyond. These items can be given a new life where they will be loved, cherished and used! Plus since most subscription boxes are often less than retail value, you’re getting a deal on your gifts! Your cupboards, pockets, and mother earth will thank you.


SAM & LANCE gift box with the words "just for you" stamped on the front


Using the box your products come in for other purposes is extra eco-friendly! You can use the empty box for things like storage, organization, shipping care packages to faraway friends. There are so many uses for all of the packaging that it's great to get creative. We’d also love to see how you repurpose your boxes! Tag us in your creations on socials @sam.and.lance so we can reshare and inspire others with your creativity. 


SAM & LANCE Empower Her gift box posed with oranges, evergreen branches


Want to see a certain product or brand in an upcoming box? Reach out to your box provider! Let them know the things that you love to see and even your thoughts on things you didn't totally love. They will usually listen and then you can absolutely have a great impact on your own future boxes! 

Did we miss anything? What are some of your favourite tips for getting the most out of your subscription boxes? 

Don't have a subscription box yet? Sign up with us! Just $59.95 every quarter for 6-7 full-sized ethically-sourced items from women-owned companies. Doesn't get any better than that!

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