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How to find the perfect gift for the person who hates clutter

With the rise of Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, more people than ever are identifying as organized minimalists and we don't blame them! It's a lifestyle that's aesthetically pleasing. It also helps you stay productive and through not overbuying is actually very eco friendly! 

So here’s where the problem comes in. What do you give to people who don't like to accumulate ‘stuff’?! Your love language is gifts! How could they do this to you!? 

Well with a few strategic ideas you can still be the world's best gifter without cluttering their shelves or ruining their ROYGBIV organization rainbow. 


Gifts don't have to be physical! Sometimes experiences and memories are just what they need. Tickets to sporting events, symphonies, ballets, plays and more can be a great option. But there are also great alternatives for thrill-seekers, rent a speedboat for a day, a luxury car or even a museum membership!  Depending on your budget and how close you are to them you can also gift them a mini-vacation or staycation! These won't take up space in their homes but will definitely fill their hearts!

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With so many things being moved online doing digital gifts is a great way to go for a friend who doesn't want too much extra stuff in their lives. You can get them memberships to different online services, maybe some additional streaming sites or organizational tools. You can also gift them subscriptions to other online things like gaming sites, educational sites and more. 

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Sometimes you just want to hand someone something physical and see them open it and that's ok too! Gifting is not just for them but for you too! A great way to keep everyone happy is by gifting them something that they can ‘use up’ think snacks and treats, skincare and candles. Things that eventually will be finished and no longer take up space. 

Wind Down Box - $79

SAM & LANCE's "Wind Down" box with a bottle of trail estates piquette wine, so luxury coco oat bath soak, matches in a glass jar and a mini mimi & august candle


Similar to useables this category is things that they will actually use but will not be used up. These items are a bit harder to select as they will have to be very personalized to their lifestyle. You want these items to be something that they would actually use but would not necessarily buy for themselves, great things include gifting them zero waste alternatives to products they regularly use, like dish brushes, beeswax wraps, silicone baggies and mats. Other items like guided journals and cute scrunchies can still be personalized and useful and not take up too much space. 

Zero Waste Starter Kit - $72

SAM & LANCE's Zero Waste Starter Kit, with OBH Cotton squares, beeswax wraps, mesh produce bags, bamboo dish brush, bamboo toothbrush, bamboo straw,


Take a look at the pre-curated boxes we have here! We work hard to make sure that the items in the boxes all serve a purpose and are useful and useable!

We’d love to hear from the minimalists! What's your favourite gift to receive?

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