The 4 things you're doing wrong in your skincare routine

The 4 things you're doing wrong in your skincare routine

Once upon a time, I believed that ‘skincare’ was scrubbing the skin off your face 2-3 times a day with the most extreme ‘acne’ face wash I could find at the drugstore and then hope for the best. 

After years of those harsh scrubs and products with no improvements or changes (usually it just got worse), I felt it was time to start doing some research. What it came down to was 4 things:

  1. Lack of moisture 
  2. Over Cleansing
  3. Touching
  4. Product Choices

Now I know everyone’s skin is different but hopefully this can help give you a starting point of what you might need to research for yourself and how to get started on the path of your skin being its best. 


#1 Lack of moisture

It is so important to make sure you are drinking enough water every day. Although drinking water does not directly hydrate your skin from the inside what it does is help keep your internal organs working and moving like they are supposed to which helps eliminate toxins naturally. 

When I was younger I also thought that face moisturizer would make my oily skin oiler, when in fact the opposite is true. Your skin produces oil to help moisturize itself and protect itself. This excess oil can then clog your pores and lead to blackheads and breakouts. 

So to keep your skin healthy remember to moisturize morning and night (and use SPF during the day!) 

#2 Over cleansing 

Yes, this is possible! Each time you wash your face you are clearing it of dirt and bacteria but also its natural oils. As mentioned before your natural oils are actually there for a reason and do help to protect your skin. So by over-cleansing your skin can react the opposite way and produce more and more oils to compensate. Some people can get away with only cleansing at night and just using toner or a lighter cleanser in the mornings. 


#3 Touching

I will admit it I am a face toucher. I rest my chin in my hands when I’m thinking, I poke at pimples and generally touch my face for no good reason. This is such a bad habit and directly contributes to skin issues. There is so much dirt and bacteria on your hands do you really want that on your face!? Make a pact with your friends to keep an eye on each other and make sure you don’t touch your faces unless your hands are clean and it’s necessary!


#4 Product Choices

With my initial foray into skincare, my philosophy was “harsher the better!” when in fact that is not what my skin was craving at all. Once I started researching and testing what worked for me I found that the more plant-based my skincare was the better my skin looked. Using more natural ingredients was easier than I expected as well. There are so many different companies making amazing products and with simpler ingredient lists I could easily recognize things that will help with the issues that I am having. For example: 

Lavender and Tea Tree: are both antibacterial and smell amazing. They’re great for when you have breakouts 
Rose and Chamomile: these both help with calming if you have any redness or irritation 
Moringa: helps with healing moisture and scarring
Turmeric: is anti-inflammatory and will also help with scarring 



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