How to choose the perfect housewarming gift

How to choose the perfect housewarming gift

It is said that housewarming parties originated in France in the 1700’s when people would bring wood to a new home to help them keep their hearth lit, therefore literally contributing to ‘warming the home’. How lovely is that!? 

Now that heating is centralized and most people in North America don't rely on their fires for cooking and heat, housewarming parties have gone in a bit of a different direction but the key purpose has stayed the same; to help bring love and warmth to a new living space and to welcome friends and family. 

As a guest, you may find the search for a housewarming gift to be daunting or a bit stressful as people's personal tastes for their homes are so different! Well, your stressful search is over, we have pulled together our best ideas for what to gift someone moving into a new home. 


Signifying the traditional ‘hearth’ candles can make a lovely present for someones new home. Often new homes dont smell like ‘home’ yet either so a luxury scented candle can help bring more homey smells into the space. These are some of our favorites : 

Sequoia Indigenous Made Candle Tins

 River Birch Coffee Scented Candle

Mimi & August Topaze Candle with Reuseable Cup


If you have a loved one with a very distinct aesthetic getting something for their home can be very tricky. Snacks and teas are a great way to bring some warmth and excitement to their home without them having to worry about where and how to use whatever item you picked out!

Snack Attack Gift Box

Soul Chocolate Guatemala Dark Chocolate Bar

Self Care 

Moving is usually super stressful and people often dont have time to really take care of themselves during the whole process. Remind them to take some time for themselves by gifting them fun self care products like face masks, bath bombs or wellness roll ons are all great alternatives to traditional housewarming gifts

Province Apothecary Wellness Roll On

So Luxury Coco Oat Bath Soak

Coco Oat Bath Soak


Why not?! Get them a piece to commemorate this step in their life. The Milestone bracelet is so perfect for any life ‘milestone’ including a new home! The find your calm bracelet can also help with the stress and anxiety that comes with moving. So many fun choices and your gift will definitely stand out. 

Kind Karma Find Your Calm Lava Stone Bracelet

Find Your Calm Bracelet

Kind Karma Morse Code "Strength" Bracelet

Kind Karma Morse Code Strength Bracelet

Want to be extra creative? Build your own box with our Box Builder and put an item from each category! They will be over the moon and you’ll keep your title as ‘Gifting Star’

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