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How To Build The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Box

Finding the perfect gift for Mom is almost as hard as coming up with a good cover story about why you were out past curfew in high school! 

Here is a fail-proof formula for creating a perfect gift box that mom will adore and you can ensure you stay her favourite!

Something Personal

Pick something that immediately reminds you of her when you see it or something she has talked about for a while but hasn't bought for herself yet. It could also be an item that solves a problem she's been having! Maybe her hair has been getting tangled and snagged while she sleeps, a satin scrunchie is a great way to keep her hair protected and it looks adorable too! 


champagne silk scrunchie from clara lifestle


Clara Lifestyle Champagne Scrunchie

Something Useful

Most moms are all about practicality! While she might still love that macaroni wall art you made, she might find something useful a bit more exciting, maybe a new travel mug for her morning walks or a beautiful candle she can light while reading her favourite book. She will love that you thought of her daily routines and that you know her so well!

bamboo reuseable coffee cup with purple silicone lid and shapes motif

Shapes Cafe Cup by Mimi & August


Something Edible 

Snacks are the way to many people's hearts! Your Mom has fed you for years and years, so giving her a nice little snack is a great symbol of your appreciation of her cooking. Popcorn and chocolates are a great option to add to the gift to give her a little treat for her next cozy night in or movie night. 

black bag of champagne infused popcorn

Chamagne Infused Popcorn from Eatable


Something Luxurious

This is the time of year to spoil Mom! Things like a fancy face oil or body oil might be something she wouldn't usually buy for herself will elevate her daily routines and make her feel extra special and loved.


gold marula facial  oil from newt by Elle


Marula Rosehip Gold Facial Oil by Newt by Elle

Still stuck?

Check out our ready-to-ship pre-curated boxes for ideas, or use one as a ‘base’ and add more products to it to make it extra special for mom!


self care and growth gift box including white ceramic candle  from mimi & august, organza scrunchie,  white pouch of so Luxury coco at bath soak, brown pouch of Grow Tea Apple Cinnamon tea, White guided gratitude journal from PleaseNotes

Self Care & Growth Box



warm and cozy gift box including a jar of worthy jams  artisianl jam, black tin coffee candle from River Birch, black ceramic mug with white stars motif,   brown bag of Deep Roots tea from  Elctrk Tea


Warm & Cozy Box

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