someone holding a sign saying "girls just want to have FUNdamental rights"

History of Women's Rights In Canada

We are a proudly Canadian company and a proud feminist company at that! 

This week we are celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8) and this Month is Womens History Month. We decided to celebrate this year through awareness and empowerment. 

As Canadians, we often see ourselves as ‘progressive’ and ‘inclusive’. In schools growing up we were taught that Canada is a ‘melting pot’ that welcomes everyone and provides fair rights and opportunities for all. 

Unfortunately, Canada has had its fair share of inequalities and oppressions that need to be discussed and whose legacies are still impacting women today. 

Women in Canada have fought long and hard for their rights and freedoms and although there is still a long way to go International Women’s Day is a good day to look back and celebrate the accomplishments of so many strong and determined women

While these events are important and have moved Canadian women closer to equality there is still lots of work to be done! 
Women are still being paid significantly less than men doing the same jobs, women owned businesses receive less funding from venture capitals and bank loans. Indigenous Women and Girls are still going missing and being murdered at incredibly high rates. 
But through continued activism, lobbying the government, speaking out against sexism and holding people accountable for their actions we can continue on the hard earned trajectory and stand on the shoulders of the amazing women that have came before us and fought before us. 

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