Great Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Great Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Gift-wrapping is one of our favourite activities during the holidays. We love nothing more than to turn on a Christmas movie, make some popcorn and sip hot chocolate while we struggle with all the tape and oddly shaped gifts. It might be infuriating, but we look forward to it every year!

The one thing we don’t love, however, is the mess afterwards. We also don’t love how you cannot recycle traditional wrapping paper. That’s why this year, we thought we’d pass along some perfect (and easy!) gift wrapping ideas that help you and the environment at the same time.



Tote Bags

Gift bags were introduced as a way to wrap oddly shaped items and it was a lot easier to put things in a bag than mess with all the tape. However, Gift bags cannot be put in the recycling as they have a plastic film over them to make them glossy. So why upgrade the idea to a tote bag? Tote bags can be easily found at your local craft store and they last a lifetime! The recipient can use beyond the holidays.




While most of us get our news online, newspapers are can still be found at places like transit stations, grocery stores and in most cities, they can be found along the sidewalks. This is a perfect idea if you still like wrapping in a more traditional sense, but want to be able to recycle it afterwards! Even if you have to buy a newspaper, it is a lot easier on the wallet than a roll of regular gift wrap.



There is a new trend right now called Furoshiki which is a Japanese wrapping style using any piece of fabric. You can use anything from silk, old sheets and clothing, to tea towels and more. Not only does this give your items a second life, items like blankets or scarves can be used as a second gift



Old Christmas Cards or Postcards.

Do you have a bunch of old postcards or Christmas cards hidden away somewhere and not sure what to do with them? Try making your own gift tags! By using the from design, you are able to adjust to whatever shape and size you need. Not only does this give it a personal touch, it makes for a fun craft too.


Cute Socks.

Do you have a bottle of wine or spirits and have no clue how to wrap it? While a unique idea, using cute themed socks (unused of course) are a perfect way to disguise the gift while simultaneously protecting the glass. You can choose to tie it off how you like but now you’re saving yet another gift bag from the landfill!



If you want to go for a more rustic feel this Christmas, try saving your burlap from any garden nursery or plants have throughout the year! Burlap is a great alternative and can be used for other projects in the future.


While it takes a little bit of creativity, making gift-wrapping eco-friendly is possible! We’d love to know if you try any of these techniques. Let us know in the comments what your favourite idea is!

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