Holiday Gifts Any Man Would love to Open on Christmas Morning

Holiday Gifts Any Man Would love to Open on Christmas Morning

Men can be so hard to shop for, and we often get asked why we dont have more ‘masculine boxes’ on SAM & LANCE. And this post we are hoping will clear the air. So many of our boxes and products are gender-neutral! 

Are you telling me men don't use mugs? Or drink tea? Or eat popcorn or chocolate? Men don't enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub? Exactly! Let's stop pushing society’s expectations of ‘manliness’ on the men in our lives and on gifts!

Here are some of our favourite ideas for the gentlemen folk in your life. 

For The Reindeer Wrangler $65

This box was made with our gentlemen friends in mind! A black travel mug thats fuctional, sturdy and looks good, it will be one you'll definitely want to 'borrow' from them! The candle comes in a fantastic reussealbe ceramic cup and we love how masculine it looks! Great for any room in the house and he'll love that its just for him! And last but not least an ethical chocolate bar with a biodegradeable wrapper that will take his next coffee break from 'meh' to 'WOW". 

Winter Wonderland $55

This gift is sleek simple and elevated. The perfect gift for the loved one who loves the outdoors! A knit hat to keep them cozy while theyre outside and ethically sourced hot chocolate to warm them up on the inside and a cozy candle to set the 'apres-ski' mood!

Perfect Mornings $55

This is the perfect box for the man who loves leisurly mornings. Ligiting a candle to read the news and watch the birds at the feeder he put out is a great way to spend a saturday. Add in a luxurous tea and organic Canadian honey to put in it and he will be the happliest man on the block!

Let It Snow $105

Has the man in your life recentle embarked on a journey of self discovery? Amazing! This guided journal will help get them started and all the other goodies will make them feel loved and excited about their journey. The mug, chocolate, candle and lip balm can all find places on their desk while they journal. Having a candle lit while writing about your thoughts and feelings really helps to set the mood and get them in the zone. The sage lip balm is in a conveinient tin that fits easily in their pocket and also fits their aesthetic!

Or Build Your Own!

See too many things on this list that excite you for your man? Well good news everything in our boxes is also available to be able to build your own gift box! Get creative and send some extra  special love this holiday!

We’re excited to see what you pick for the men in your life! Happy Shopping!

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