Holiday Gifts Any Man Would love to Open on Christmas Morning

Holiday Gifts Any Man Would love to Open on Christmas Morning

Men can be so hard to shop for, and we often get asked why we dont have more ‘masculine boxes’ on SAM & LANCE. And this post we are hoping will clear the air. So many of our boxes and products are gender-neutral! 

Are you telling me men don't use mugs? Or drink tea? Or eat popcorn or chocolate? Men don't enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub? Exactly! Let's stop pushing society’s expectations of ‘manliness’ on the men in our lives and on gifts!

Here are some of our favourite ideas for the gentlemen folk in your life. 

Warm & Cozy

This box was made with cozy mornings in mind. The Man in your life can wake up and have a slow luxurious morning with a coffee scented candle, some gorgeous jam and  soothing tea in his brand new mug. This is the gift that reminds him to take a step back and enjoy the little things in life

White Elephant

This gift is sleek simple and elevated. We believe that if you gift  someone a mug you need to gift them something to put in it, for luck! 

Ultimate Skincare Set

Skincare is for everyone! The facial brush will be so good for him in between shavesto help exfoliate the skin and help with any ingrown hairs. The clay mask will help his pores and also make him look like an old school star trek villain. The face oil will moisturize not only his skin but his beard and moustache too! And if hes not already using toner this is a great one to start with,  its moisturizing and smells  absolutely incredible, also the fact that its  in a spray bottle makes it much more fun to use!

Zero Waste Starter Bundle

Saving the planet doenst have a gender! This box has all of our favourite goodies for being a better friend  to the planet. Did you  know that every toothbrush he has ever used is still on  this planet somewhere?  Switching to biodegradeaable bamboo will help solvethat! The box also comes with a bamboodish brush, cotton produce bags beeswax raps and reusable cotton squares that have more uses than we can even  name!

Or Build Your Own!

See too many things on this list that excite you for your man? Well good news everything in our boxes is also available to be able to build your own gift box! Get creative and send some extra  special love this holiday!

We’re excited to see what you pick for the men in your life! Happy Shopping!

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