Holiday Gifts That Will Show Your Friends How Much You Care About Them

Holiday Gifts That Will Show Your Friends How Much You Care About Them

You have everyone checked off your shopping list but now you're just stuck for your best friend! Your Brunch Buddy! Your Forever Friend! Your... Well, you get the picture. 

This holiday season let SAM & LANCE help you find the perfect gift for the perfect friend. 

They will absolutely love that not only are all items from women-owned businesses but also that they are ethically created and all packaging is recyclable!

From Breakup To Glow Up

Although initially curated for healing breakups this box is great for any time! You can never go wrong with handmade artisanal chocolate and ethically sourced tea! The scrunchie can work overtime, to keep their hair out of  their face for skincare, or all you can eat ribs nights. And last but not least a mini scented candle that they can fit in their bag for aromatherapy on the go or to fit nicely on their desk or night stand

Blue Christmas

This box may be mini but the fun inside is big! Super soft and cozy socks to remind them of your love and warmth, a scrunchie for when you cant be there to hold their hair up for them and a lip balm to moisturize after your long nights of talking  and catching up!

Santa's Helper

Your best friend crushes it at everything they do, from work, to volunteering with the youth reading program, to helping you organize your pantry. Celebrate their amazingness  with this gift box curated for their need for a nice relaxing nigt of self care. An adorable scrunchie to keep their hair up out of the water because who has time to do multiple blowouts a week? A super soothing bath soak to mositurize her skin and ease her muscles. A candle to set the mood and a lip balm, well because she keeps losing hers. Put it together and your girl will be ready to take on the world again!

Let it Snow

This is self love in a box. A journal is a great gift for the holidays as so many people have self discovery and journaling on their list of resolutions! Often peopl also want to be more eco friendly so a bamboo mug and ethical chocolate in a biodegradeable wrapper can help them reach those goals too! Candles are important for every day life, they set the mood, invigorate our senses and just look so pretty. And last but not least a beautiful indidgenous made lip balm  to protect their lips this winter, in a tin that can be reused for vitamins or hair pins!

Did you know that you can also add any of our products to our pre made boxes? So add a mug! Or some chocolate! Or maybe a little something for yourself. 


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