Gifts for EVERYONE on your list

Gifts for EVERYONE on your list

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can take up so much time! So we have done a bit of research asking around and have come up with some gift ideas for all the special people in your life


Birth Mammas, Step Mammas, Mammas in law and all the types of mammas in between they're all super special! And that means we need to find them something as unique as them!

Aromatherapy sampler

This adorable box will let your mamma sample the best sellers from our aromatherapy collection. She'll get a hand poured candle, essential oil incense, A lovely relaxing essential oil roll on blend from Simple Sistas and a very unique Niaouli oil essential oil from Sooala for her diffuser or just around the house!

Full zero waste kit

Get your mamma started on her own lsustainability journey with our complete Zero Waste starter kit. It includes, organic cotton rounds for taking off makeup, or for using with toner, a bamboo toothbrush, vegan floss, beeswax food wraps to help her out in the kitchen, reusable produce bags that will make her the hit of the farmers market and a bamboo straw for her to bring on your smoothie dates!


Such a great time to share your favourite ethical products with your lifetime best friend and partner in crime. (Admit it she always had the best plans to sneak more cookies into the pillow forts!)

Skincare Crate

Introduce your sister to some of our best selling sustainable skin care products, be warned you may want to ‘borrow’ some of these permanently! This box comes with a Turmeric face mask to help with any blemishes and to even out her already lovely skin tone, an oil based cleanser that smells like a spa and removes even the most stubborn makeup, a face oil that is so hydrating and lovely that it can be used in place of a moisturizer and a face brush to stimulate and exfoliate her beautiful face.



Ethically made in Madagascar this bag is the perfect size for shopping, weekend trips or as an in flight carryon. Its unique pattern and perfect size will make it a bag she is reaching for for years to come!


Although we mainly focus on women’s products we definitely have some that your brother will love and be able to use! 

Viajero Passport Holder

This passport holder is made from ethically sourced leather and recycled tire tubes. It is durable and stylish and will be sure to get him noticed in the TSA lines!

Cedarwood Deodorant 

Everyone should jump on the sustainable self care train! This deodorant has a great outdoorsy scent and will convert him to eco friendly products for sure!


Give them something that they will use regularly so that they’ll always be thinking of you!


These organic cotton turkish towels from Psychetolia are a perfect gift for the guy on the go. They are lightweight, compact and absorbent. Perfect for pool parties, gym showers and beach travels. They are also so pretty that you might even steal it for a nap blanket!

Brave soles wallet

A good quality beautiful wallet never goes out of style. These wallets from brave soles are ethically made with recycled materials, so he can look good and feel good!


Shopping for girlfriends can be tough, but these options are the gifts that keep on giving!

Cork Yoga Mat


A beautiful and sustainable yoga mat to help her reach here yogi goals!  Cork is an extra sustainable material and sloso has properties that will ensure that it doesn't harbor bacteria, so its perfect for these hot yoga sessions she loves so much!


Relax Box

This crate contains everything she needs for a relaxing night in. Some bath salts to helsp ease her muscles, eco friendly incense to set the mood, calming tea to enjoy while she's in the tub and some body oil that is great for back massages or just everyday moisturizing!


Fathers can be so hard to shop for! So we have asked around and found some tried and true favorites 

Unisex Tee - The Good Tee

This classic tee is a crowd pleaser. Made ethically with GOTS certified organic cotton it's also Fair Trade with completely transparent supply chains! He’ll definitely be bragging to his friends about it and how great you are for finding it for him!

Sympatico Laptop Case - Brave Soles

This laptop case is not only beautiful and functional but it has a story to tell! The padding is upcycled from old Air Canada Jazz airplane seats and the inner lining is also repurposed fabric. 


Grandmas can be also tough to shop for as they deserve the moon and stars but unfortunately those dont fit under the tree. 

Darzah Apron 

This might be a slight hint that you would like her to make you more of her famous cookies (or in our grandmothers cases, apple pie (LANCE) and spaghetti and meatballs (SAM)!) But she will love the embroidery and the story behind the women who made it. These aprons are done in the traditional Palestinian style and are made by refugee women who are learning a new marketable skill while preserving their culture


Our grandmothers (SAM & LANCE ) always wore lipstick, and we know they would have loved the vibrant colours and all natural options we have! With 12 colours to choose from we are sure there is the right one for your grandma too!


Grandads seem to have everything! But we have found a few things that should still get him excited!



Kitchen zero waste kit

Grandparents are the original zero wasters! Most having been raised during the depression and second world war, nothing went to waste and they are champions of reusing. Our Kitchen zero waste kit will be a fun boost to grandpas shopping and food saving! With reusable produce bags and beeswax wraps he will definitely get noticed at the grocery store. There Is also a bamboo straw for his evening cocktails!


Best friends are so much fun to be around and also so much fun to shop for! 

Madame Lemy Natural Deodorant

An elegant deodorant , to keep her fresh and make her feel like a goddess every morning. This deodorant is all natural and comes with recyclable packaging so she can feel good about feeling good!

Cozy Crate

Our cozy crate comes with adorable organic cotton socks, fair trade ethically produced tea and a journal to help her get her thoughts together. 

Boss or Mentor

They answer all your questions and have helped you grow, thank them with a ethical gift! 

Unwind Box


After all those long meetings this crate will help them recharge and relax. It comes with Sustainably sourced tea, a hand poured soy wax candle, a relaxing wellness roll on that they can even keep in their desk for those hectic days and some body butter that will soothe their dry skin from the winter wind. 


Sometimes keeping it simple is best! Choose one of our soy wax candles and we are sure they will love it!

Coworker Secret Santa

Keeping in those price limits while finding something cute and useful can be tricky!

Please Notes Sticky Notes

These are filled with positive affirmations that will make lovely reminders during those hectic days of back to back meetings


They definitely will be keeping this tea hidden in their desk so only they can use it! Perfect herbal blends for an afternoon cozy tea time 

Lip Balm 

Office air can be so dry, grab them a lip balm from Province Apothecary to help rescue their lips this winter!

Holistick Incense

This essential oil incense also comes with a small incense holder so it's like two gifts in one, this should definitely help them relax at the end of the day

Family Holiday Party Gift Game

Mini Zero waste kit

Why waste peoples time with joke gifts when you can get something everyone will actually fight over and you can win at gifting!? Our Mini Zero Waste kit has organic cotton rounds, a bamboo straw, bamboo toothbrush and beeswax wraps. Spread the love of sustainability!

Still not sure what to get your special someone? Send us a message! We are happy to help you choose the perfect gift and we LOVE getting to know you all. 

We also want to know what you want for the holidays! Which item would make you happiest under the tree?

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