4 Unique Gifts That Your Employees Actually Want this Year

4 Unique Gifts That Your Employees Actually Want this Year

Your team has stood by you all year and did their best to show energy during morning huddles, lets show your employees some love through gifts this holiday season. 

Showing love doesn't have to be big or expensive, it just has to show thought and love. And what's better than supporting multiple small women-owned businesses all at once

For You

A cutie little box with 3 of life's essentials that fit into a letterbox! A fun scrunchie to pll up their hair during those ‘camera on’ zoom calls, calming tea to battle the stress of 5 pm calls and artisanal chocolate that needs no explanation! Want to make it more gender-neutral? Easy peasy just shoot us a message and we can do a little swap

Candle Sampler (Sorry Life Stinks) 

Originally curated as a sympathy gift this gift can bring joy to the darkest of home office corners. With 3 hand-poured elegantly scented candles from 3 different Canadian Woman-Owned Businesses, this gift is perfect for the employee who lights a fire under everyone's butt and who lights up a room! 

White Elephant

The perfect office gift. An adorable mug that fits any desk aesthetic and an ethically produced tea to wake them up after their big lunch. Your employee will feel appreciated and cozy at the same time 

Zero Waste Starter Bundle

You hear them takling about trees and saving the dolphins every chance they get. This is a great gift for the staff member who is the planets biggest advocate. A number of items to help them on their zero waste journey that they either dont already have or could definitely use more of!

Still not sure what to get your employees? Send us a message! We offer free consultations and will help you build gifts for any size team at any budget!


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