Four simple ways you can start a sustainable lifestyle

Four simple ways you can start a sustainable lifestyle

This week we are honored to welcome our wonderful guest blogger Sara!  

Did you know our diet, daily commute, purchasing habits, household energy consumption and even choices of travelling, all adds up to our carbon footprint? A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event, or product and is calculated by adding the emissions emitted by a product or service from every stage of its lifecycle (from its production to consumption). When we continue to buy or consume these products or services, we contribute to the overall challenge of increasing carbon emissions and climate change!

What then, may we change in our lifestyle to reduce our impact in our own small way? 

Here are simple ideas to kickstart our personal journey in making sustainable choices in our daily life - 

Ditch the driver’s seat and take the bus! Or better still, walk over the short distance to your local coffee shop or grocery store. Did you know that the transport sector generates the largest share of GHG emissions - a whopping 27% of the total GHG emissions by human activities? These emit from the fuel used in cars, trucks, aircrafts, trains, and ships that primarily use petrol products. So, your next coffee date or grocery run, make sure to walk the distance, spending time in the great outdoors or beat the city traffic blues with your own personal walking playlist on the go! Adding to your daily step count or walking with your date back home is just happenstance ;)

Ever wondered what goes into your skincare or make up products? Just flip the tube or packaging at the back to check the endless garble of ingredient list that may be deciphered by the chemists or chemical engineers who produced them in the labs…! The longer the ingredient list, the further it is from being ‘natural’ and being kind to the environment. Well, even if we love me some great chemical exfoliant, our skin barrier would most definitely enjoy a break to regenerate itself au naturel. Start with skincare made of natural products and an ingredient list that is simple and short. Try an organic, gentle lip balm such as this , or pull out all those impurities with the clay mask and thank us later!

Say NO to plastic and toxic people. Well, we all know both are bad for the environment and health, but at some stage we must learn to pull the plug and start afresh! It is estimated that about 40% of plastic produced is packaging, used just once and then discarded. These could include everything from household items to industrial or consumer goods. We can start by replacing plastic in simple personal everyday items such as toothbrush, food wraps, straws or even the grocery bag! We have a perfect zero waste starter bundle to make that first step. 

Make sustainable dietary choices by adding local and seasonal foods. Packaged foods and those that have travelled long or with higher ‘food miles’ contribute to the overall product cycle GHG. So next time there’s a farmers’ market in town or a seasonal vegetable sale at the store, make sure to reap the benefits of the local, nutritious, and fresh ingredients for the family dinner!

Thanks so much Sara for these great tips! <3 



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