Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

It’s your gentle reminder that fathers day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about ways to show your dad (or father figure, or granddad or favorite uncle, or father of your children) how much you love and appreciate them! 

Shopping for others can be so hard. If you are anything like us you end up buying more for yourself than for the people you’re supposed to be shopping for! Our usual go-to with our dad is tickets! Finding local games or sports he wouldn’t usually attend (think lacrosse, rugby 7s) is always so fun to do together. But this year with social distancing and everything being canceled we felt stuck and thought you all might be too. So we have pulled together a few ideas and products we think he’ll love and that you’ll also love to give him! 


cocoa peppermint butter stick

Cocoa Peppermint Body Butter Stick

Dad’s Skin can get dry too! This stick smells great and is quick and easy for him to use to help with dry heels or elbows. Skincare and self-love are genderless.

shop cocoa peppermint body butter stick here


brown laptop case


The Simpatico Laptop Case

Made with local leather and upcycled inner fabric this 13-inch laptop case will keep dads computer protected while still looking stylish and professional. 

shop the simpatico laptop case here 


soop natural deodorant
soop natural deodorant

Soop Natural Deodorant

If your dad isn’t on the all-natural train yet this will be sure to convert him! With scents like bergamot and Cedarwood they will be sure to entice and excite him.

shop the SOOP natural deodorant here


Grey turkish towel


Stone age Turkish towel

For pool days, beach days or travel this soft and lightweight towel is a great addition to any adventurer’s bag.

shop stone age Turkish towel here




Unisex Ringer Tee

Classic tees are always needed! To be worn either on their own or for layering they come in white with black ribbing.

shop the unisex ringer tee here


Province apothecary face balm


Province apothecary face balm

Protecting and Restoring Face Balm

Shaving can really irritate the skin and causes a lot of men discomfort. This balm will help soothe their skin. 

shop the protecting and restoring face balm here



A Limited Edition Fathers Day Crate!

 father's day crate


We’ve Pulled together some dad-approved items and some limited edition items that aren't available on our site just for your dad! 

Each crate contains: 

black wallet


Upcycled Leather Wallet

The Michel has multiple compartments for quick and simple organization. And, like all of our accessories, it's interior is crafted with our signature upcycled motorbike inner tube. Made of locally sourced leather. Handmade by fairly paid artisans. Inner pockets are made with recycled inner tire tubes, sourced from Haiti and designed to keep your cards and cash are safe and dry (care crate exclusive!)



Washable Linen Face Mask

Dad can protect himself and others with a handmade mask in black. (not available on the site)



Bamboo Straw

100% biodegradable one bamboo straw can replace 1.200 plastic straws.

These straws can last up to 4 months with consecutive use, provided they experience at least one drying-cycle every 24 hours. They are easy to clean and dry quickly. After 4 months of use they can be discarded and will start decomposing naturally. You'll get 4 months of regular use per straw.



Lip Balm

The best lip balm for daily hydration to protect against dry environments and to relieve chapping, cracking and flaking. The blend of rich plant-based oils soothes and nourishes lips, providing long-lasting benefits without feeling greasy or sticky. The light scent is invigorating and leaves you feeling refreshed.



Styling Pomade with Carnauba Wax

An ultra-hydrating pomade that is designed to provide a medium hold for short hair. It controls, defines, and styles short hair - straight or curly. The pomade nourishment, control, and natural-looking hold. Ideal to add texture, definition or sculpt hair into place. It gives your hair matte finish and easily washes out. (can also be purchased on its own on the site) 

Beard Oil

This woodsy blend of pure botanical oils absorbs quickly to fortify and soften your beard, leaving it revitalized and lightly-scented while hydrating and softening the skin underneath. It penetrates from root to tip to for a fuller, healthier-looking beard. (Care Crate Exclusive)

shop the father's day crate here

Hopefully, this helps spark some ideas for your dad and we hope that you get to spend the day with him soon! Let us know in the comments what the best piece of advice or best dad joke you’ve ever gotten from your dad! 

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