How to Choose: Facial Serums vs Facial Oils

How to Choose: Facial Serums vs Facial Oils

When it comes to skincare there are so many products out there and they have been divided into a plethora of different categories it can get overwhelming and confusing! 

It seemed like when we were in our teens and early twenties it was just: wash with a harsh cleanser and maybe do a clay mask with friends once every few months. We’re happy to say our skincare has been stepped up a bit since then and we have been embracing the world of natural skincare products and the lovely effects they have. 



One of our most recent obsessions has been serums. Serums are lightweight and designed so that their ingredients are delivered deep into the skin. Serums are also designed to target certain issues and areas like brightness or wrinkles. 

Facial Oils

Facial Oils, on the other hand, are newer to us, but that doesn’t mean we aren't super excited about them! Facial oils have larger molecules and therefore do not penetrate as deep into the skin as serums. This means that they are better used as a moisturizer. These can be used in place of cream moisturizer and for many skin types often work better as they mimic your skin’s natural sebum production. This is important to note as natural sebum is your skin’s way of naturally moisturizing itself. For example, have you ever notice that when you’re in an airplane your skin gets very oily? That’s because the air is so dry your skin is trying to protect itself by overproducing natural oil. By keeping the skin properly moisturized and not stripping your natural oils you can make sure that your skin stays nice and hydrated without getting greasy or shiny. 


It’s best to test a few for what is best for your skin and remember that most skincare products are designed to be layered! The general rule of thumb is to start light and build to heavier consistency. 
Since serums are lightest they would go first. Next, you'd apply a cream moisturizer (if you want) then your face oil. 
This is because it allows for each product to penetrate properly and do its job to the best of its ability! If you were to put the oil on under the moisturizer then since oil acts as a barrier your moisturizer wouldn’t be able to penetrate the skin. 
Adding a facial oil to your routine should now feel less scary and hopefully you're as excited as we are to add this to your skincare adventure!


Try adding one of these sustainable facial oils to your skincare routine


Matahari Youthful Oil

MATAHARI, translating to Sun, is a light yet powerful youth-preserving facial oil. It contains superstar ingredient prickly pear from Morocco which has long been prized for its anti-aging properties. The challenging climate in which prickly pear grows stimulates the fruit to produce potent, nutrient-rich oils. It contains 150% more vitamin E than Argan oil.




Marula Rosehip Gold Oil


luxurious facial oil made from 100% natural ingredients, that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and radiant. Featuring Marula Oil + 24k Gold flakes, this oil is super lightweight, allowing it to easily and quickly absorb into all skin types leaving you with a smooth and hydrated finish. With a hint of both earthy yet energizing notes, this oil is softly scented with sandalwood, grapefruit, juniper berry + anise.





Green Goddess Glow Oil

Made up of a blend of natural and organic ingredients that are luxurious, deeply nourishing and carefully chosen so that they won't clog pores. Used as a last step in one's skin care routine, it will help balance sebum levels, calm inflammation and lighten scars and marks over time. Due to it's high content of vitamins and antioxidants, it helps to keep skin looking renewed and refreshed. The ultimate glow oil for the goddess on the go.





A luxurious, powerful and 100% natural blend of 20 organic active botanical ingredients, formulated to deeply replenish your skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients, stimulate cell turnover, soothe acne, prevent fine lines, fight environmental damage, and help your skin look its most glowing.




Marula Cranberry Seed Facial Oil

Our most versatile oil that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and radiant. We call this a facial oil, but the options are endless. We recommend using this oil for body, hair, face, beard + many more! Marula Oil is super lightweight, allowing the oil to easily and quickly absorb into all skin types leaving you with a smooth and hydrated finish. With no added fragrance, this oil features natural soft notes of fresh cranberry.



Deeply blue like the Moroccan night sky, BULAN is the perfect night oil for all skin types. Rich in antioxidants: vitamins A, C, E, vitamin K, and essential fatty acids. Made with 7 premium botanicals from around the world. Indulge in this simple skin luxury.




And don't forget a serum if you're feeling fancy 


Our advanced formulation of plant-powered oils soothes skin’s appearance for a brighter, more even tone. It balances and tones, working to control the appearance of oil while providing hydration and protection from the elements. The high antioxidant content helps skin appear smoother and brighter without harsh drying or irritating ingredients. Perfect for sensitive and problem skin, it restores skin’s health and leaves you with a truly radiant complexion.


Extra Complete Restorative Serum

A little bottle packed with powerful active ingredients. This serum is formulated to supercharge collagen and elastin production, fade hyperpigmentation and other discoloration over time, provide antioxidant protection, and soothe redness. Although it’s full of active ingredients, the texture is light and absorbs quickly so you can follow with the rest of your routine right away.





Lions Breath Serum

The combination of Peptides with HA and USDA certified organic ingredients form the ultimate blend to combat the sign of aging and plump the skin.





Rejuvenating and Hydrating Face Serum

Our pure botanical face serum is a daily essential. It absorbs easily into the skin to deliver essential phytonutrients that nourish, hydrate and firm. The powerful blend of plant oils effectively replenish moisture without clogging pores, while smoothing the look of fine lines, preventing the signs of aging and promoting skin elasticity. Skin appears instantly radiant and is effectively protected from the elements and long-term damage.

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