Eco Friendly Summertime Bucket List

Eco Friendly Summertime Bucket List

Summertime is just around the corner and calendars are filling up. Now is the perfect time to start thinking of fun activities to fill the few empty weekends! This summer we challenge you to try some eco friendly activities and make sure to include your friends and family and encourage everyone to be kinder to our planet.


1. Zero waste picnic in the park

Having a picnic is always a fun summer activity but this year give it a bit of a twist and see how little waste you can get away with! Bring reusable containers and dishware or plan a way to eat with your hands.


2. Beach/Riverbank Cleanup

Instead of just suntanning grab a big bag and a BFF or two and head to the nearest body of water and start cleaning up. Then treat yourself to a nice relaxing nap on the beach after properly disposing of the trash you collected.


3. Take yourself on a walking tour of a new town or city

Going on an adventure doesn't have to mean going far from home (or taking a long flight that will impact your carbon footprint!) So search around our local area and see if there are any historical or otherwise exciting towns nearby and spend the day exploring the local shops cafes and restaurants. A bonus if theres a farmers market or craft fair on!


4. Plan a neighbourhood clean up and Zero Waste BBQ

We don't often get to know our neighbours and why not feed two birds with one feeder! Clean up you neighbourhood or a nearby park and then host a big pot luck bbq and encourage everyone to be as close to zero waste as they can. Maybe even have prizes for most trash collected or best zero waste idea.


5. Start composting

Set a goal for yourself to start now if  you don't already! Then you can use your compost for number 6.


6. Plant a vegetable and herb garden

If you enjoy all the fresh fruits and veggies in the summer then a garden is perfect for you! There are even a number of things that can be grown in small spaces like on balconies. Head to your local garden store and ask around for thinks that would be ideal for your space and your family.



7. Join a recreational sports team

Volleyball, soccer, baseball oh my! Meet new people, get some exercise and enjoy the weather all at the same time.

We would love to see in the comments what other ideas you have and which of these you have tried!

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