Eco Friendly Fall Bucket List

Eco Friendly Fall Bucket List

Fall hasn't even started but it already feels different. Back to school was stressful and uncertain, we just spent the summer hiding inside. So this fall we started talking about how important it is to have things to look forward to and get excited about. Also how important it will be to get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. The cooler air feels so refreshing, the colours are beautiful, and of course, there are some fun holidays stuck in there too! 

So in order to take advantage of our favourite season and our belief that we need some more things to look forward to we have made a fun fall bucket list that is socially distanced AND eco friendly! 

Produce picking 

Head to your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard for a nice afternoon of supporting local and harvesting your own vitamins and minerals! Keep in mind that many places are using a ticketing system to make sure that they don't get too busy and everyone can keep their distance from each other. So before you pack the whole family in the car make sure you call or email ahead! Dont forget to bring gyour own bag

Trying a new recipe with produce picked

We always loved our mom’s pumpkin banana muffins and our Nana (LANCE) made the best apple pies (don’t @ us we are very firm on this point!) So this year maybe make a new tradition and try some different recipes with the produce you picked! Maybe a Tarte Tatin with all the apples or stovetop pumpkin spice lattes with real and fresh pumpkin! (Make sure to tag us in your creations on Instagram we’d love to see what you made!)

Fall colours hike

One of our favourite fall traditions is family hikes through the colours. To keep it eco friendly remember to pack your water and snacks in reusable containers and try sticking close to home, look up trails or parks nearby and we’re sure you can find some great colours without having to drive very far!

Super cozy daytime bonfire

Nights are starting to get super chilly so we are planning on a cozy daytime bonfire! Bring out lots of blankets, hot chocolate, and veggie dogs on sticks for a fun snack. This way you can also still see all the colours! (can you tell we’re in love with fall colours yet?) Check out our handmade Outdoor Blanket if you need some additional warmth!

Scary movie night

With Halloween quickly approaching why not host a scary movie night!? They are so much less scary when you are surrounded by your friends and blankets and snacks. We're loving this PomPom Throw ! 


Before the temperature drops too much go for one last picnic! Make it extra special and cozy by packing warm food in thermoses or other insulated containers. Bring some pillows and blankets to make you and your besties feel like the cozy queens you are! 

Plan a meatless ‘Friendsgiving’ 

Friendsgiving has become so common and it’s such a fun tradition! This year see if you can plan a meatless version as a novelty. You never know you might find some new alternatives or fall in love with tofurkey!

Have a cozy book day

When was the last time you took a day to yourself and finished an entire book? Pick a short one, turn off your phone, make a huge pot of tea, and plug in your twinkle lights. Trust us you will finish your book feeling so relaxed from being transported to a different world for a few hours. Our favourite “read in one-day”  books are anything by Jules Verne or Agatha Christie! 

Let us know in the comments what you think we should add to this year’s fall bucket list!

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  • Cheryl

    I have a great recipe for Tofurkey!
    S’mores by the fire
    Hang Sunflowers outside for our bird friends
    Decorate your front stoop or door with dried flowers and grasses from your garden.
    Mama May’s apple butter canning day
    Dehydrate apples for winter snacks – if you can hide them from Alora

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