5 ways to Save the Planet During Your End of Summer BBQ

5 ways to Save the Planet During Your End of Summer BBQ

BBQ season got off to a bit of a rough start this year and with the cold weather coming around the corner we want to squeeze the most out of summer while we still can! 

Although we are still discouraging large groups from gathering you can still have a lovely traditional BBQ with your family or your close circle of friends. 


One thing we have noticed is how much waste happens when we have BBQs and gatherings and in our journey to be more conscious and sustainable we have come up with some easy ways to help you plan a simple eco-friendly backyard BBQ!

1) Shop Local 
When possible stop by your local butcher or farmers market for your food preparation. Not only will this food be amazingly fresh but it will also have a much smaller carbon footprint. Not to mention supporting small and local is what we're all about!

2) Strategic Menu
This comes in a few parts 
Reduce Food Waste: This one is tough but try not to overbuy, or make sure that the dishes you are preparing will taste good as leftovers, things like chicken wings, baked beans, and pasta salad work well next day, whereas a pre-dressed lettuce salad does not. 
Plant Based: aim to have more plant based dishes than meat based. This reduces the carbon footprint from meat (and will actually be cheaper for you!) offer up regular burgers but also vegan burgers, and go crazy with lots of healthy sides! Corn on the cob, bean salad, baked potatoes are all great options

3) Servingware
Even though you're outside doesn't mean you can't use your regular serving bowls and dishes. If you don't think you have enough ask a friend to bring some of theirs. It may be a bit more work when it comes to washing up but our planet is worth it! You can also have a bucket of water outside for people to rinse their plates and help you speed up cleanup!

4) Natural Decorations
Streamers and balloons are fun but so are flowers and fabric bunting! You can even get little potted succulents (you know how much we love aloe!) to decorate your tables and let your guests take them home at the end!

5) Ask for help! 
Ask people to bring their own reusable tumblers for drinks, or containers to take home leftovers! This way you won't feel pressure to supply everything yourself and it helps encourage people to be environmentally responsible. 

6) Trash Sorting Station
Help your guests by putting clearly labeled bins for food waste (compost), recycling, Paper, and trash or however else your city sorts it. Not only will this help you with clean up but it's helping everyone else do their part for the environment! 

We’d love to hear from you and your favourite dish to make for a BBQ! I make a fab chicken marinade for chicken wings!


Veronica’s Chicken Wing Marinade

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup soy sauce

¼ cup oyster sauce

1 head of garlic chopped

¼ cup honey 

Splash of olive oil to help mix

1 kg chicken wings

Mix everything in a container and marinate overnight. 

Throw chicken wings on the hot grill for 20-25 minutes turning twice

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