Easy Product Swaps to be More Sustainable

Easy Product Swaps to be More Sustainable

Sustainability is a journey. We know that the world needs more imperfect activists, weekend waste warriors and eco-conscious souls that are trying to make the world a better place versus perfection. One simple way to keep going on your sustainability journey is to make sustainable swaps. 

We all know to replace our plastic drinking straws with either metal or bamboo but what about some other alternatives to sneaky plastic? 


Of course, if you have any of these products currently, don’t just toss it unused. Wait until you’ve used it completely, then recycle the plastic (if possible) and make a conscious choice when you’re making your next purchase to replace it. 


An all-natural deodorant bar not only is plastic-free but it’s also free from aluminum and all the other carcinogenic ingredients that are found in most drugstore deodorants. 



Mini Facial Cloths

Less cotton disposable pads thrown away, equals fewer cotton pads going straight to landfill! These washable facial cloths are perfect for removing makeup, applying toner and anything else you may use a disposable cotton pad for!




More than 552 million shampoo bottles could be ending up in landfills every year! A shampoo bar is an awesome zero waste solution



Plastic luffa’s end up getting thrown away, which means they will ultimately sit for hundreds or even thousands of years in a landfill. Or worse, they could end up in a waterway like the ocean. Second, the microfibers from the plastic get washed down the drain every time we use it and enter the local water source. Some of the materials used to make poufs may contain cancer-causing ingredients, which can turn up both on our bodies and in our drinking water. Try an alternative luffa like one made from a vegetable, is all natural and can be composted.


Produce Bags

Ditch the plastic at the grocery store and bring your own produce bags instead! Washable and reusable.


Beeswax Wrap

The perfect solution to plastic wrap waste! Beeswax wraps are all natural and can be washed and reused for up to 6 months!



All natural, vegan tooth powder for sensitive teeth. Does not contain glycerin, SLS or Fluoride. Perfect for traveling thanks to its recyclable/reusable 25g container!


Looking to jump start your journey or help someone along with theirs? The zero waste starter bundle is the way to go!Includes items that will help ensure your daily life is full of waste-free products and will inspire you to continue to find more waste-free alternatives moving forward! 


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