Creative ways to re purpose product packaging

Creative ways to re purpose product packaging

Here at SAM & LANCE, we do our best to make sure that all product packaging can be easily recycled or repurposed. This is so important to us because we know that recycling can vary from city to province to country which is why we also wanted to place an important focus on reusing and repurposing. 

Our mom was so big on reusing and repurposing. All peanut butter jars were washed and sent downstairs to help organize Dad's workbench, butter tubs were used to freeze soups and chilis, pretty bottles were for dried flowers, and the list goes on!

When we moved out on our own we continued to reuse and repurpose as much as possible and we thought we’d share some ideas from the products on SAM & LANCE!

Candle Jars

We love a good candle jar! After the candle has finished boil some water and fill the jar. This will help loosen the residual wax at the bottom of the jar and it should float right to the top! If the jar has a label you can soak it in warm water and dish soap and just rub it off. 

These jars can then be used for: 

  • Organizing hair elastics and bobby pins
  • As a tiny planter for a seedling
  • Keeping your pens and pencils closeby on your desk
  • Storing and displaying keepsakes or things you collect like matchbooks from restaurants or pretty stones you find on your walk 

Subscription Boxes & Shoeboxes

We both took a fun trip down the KonMari Rabbit hole over the years. The boxes we use for our subscription boxes and bundles are the perfect size for drawer organizers! 

Since we travel often we also find that we are always picking up gifts for people throughout the year for birthdays or holidays. Shoeboxes have proved to be a great way to organize and store these items so you can keep them all in one place and make wrapping them much more efficient (I mean who hasn’t found a gift they meant to give someone at the back of a drawer years later?!) bonus points if you have one per person and label them!

Serum Bottles

Yep, you can repurpose these too! The jars are so dainty and pretty they can continue to be stylish and useful! 

After washing them out we have used ours for: 

  • Decanting bulk oils. I love keeping a bit of coconut oil in the bathroom for the ends of my hair or makeup remover. The dropper definitely comes in handy here! 
  • As a tiny vase! It looks so cute on a shelf with a few delicate flowers poking out

Skincare Tubs

Most of the skincare products on SAM & LANCE come in glass tubs. These are the perfect size for so many things! (also who else just loves how colored glass looks?) 

  • Use them to organize your bathroom products, hair elastics, cotton rounds, mini clips anything teeny tiny that manages to get lost
  • Organizing crafting supplies, these are the perfect size for loose glitter, rhinestones, or even buttons!
  • Purse snacks, clean them out and in my humble opinion, they are a great size for gummy bears or m&ms or skittles. Sneaky little pretty container that won’t make a mess and will protect your snacks from getting squished
  • Travel containers, use the smaller ones for traveling. Great for body lotion or your deep conditioner. 

Crinkle Paper (Box filler)

We tried to use as little packaging as possible but since so many of our products come in glass containers we wanted to make sure they were protected. This paper can be put into the compost or the recycling but you can also repurpose it!

  • Use it as a firestarter at your next bonfire or in your fireplace. 
  • Protect holiday ornaments. Let it continue its purpose of protection and keep your most fragile ornaments surrounded!
  • Vase filler. If you have some dried flowers in a vase sometimes the stems don't look as rustic and appealing as you’d hoped. Use the paper strips to hide the stems and still look rustic!

Roll-On Bottles

Did you know: The top pops off! You can (carefully) remove the roller part of the bottle and either recycle it or keep it for later. With the top off you can use it as: 

  • Mini travel sewing kit. Put a few safety pins, needles with thread attached, and maybe a button for a cute easy sewing kit that fits in even your tiniest clutch
  • Travel bobby pin holder. I swear bobby pins have a way of magically disappearing this will help you corral at least a few!

With the top back on: 

  • Refill it with bug repellent and keep it in your purse for the patio season! You never know when it could save your ankles

We would love to hear from you! How do you re-use and repurpose your product packaging? 

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