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Comparing the Empower Her Box to Other Well Known Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have become the ultimate way to treat yourself and also discover new brands and products that you may never have found on your own!

Each box is unique and different and choosing the right one to fit your life and personality can seem overwhelming. Our biggest tip is to tell you to find a box that fits your personal values. What matters most to you should also be top of mind for the companies that you choose to purchase from. Every purchase you make has power, so make it count! 

We decided to help you out and give you a quick overview of some of the popular boxes in North America right now.


This box has been popular for years and offers full-sized lifestyle products from many well-known brands. They ship 4 times per year and their plans start at around $63 Canadian per box. 


Formerly known as CauseBox this box focuses on products made by women. Founders Matt & Brett wanted to create a more socially conscious subscription box that had an impact. It is now rumored that Alltrue has gone out of business, we are still waiting for the official announcement.

Essentials Eco

This is a Canadian  Owned box that focuses on eco-friendly living products. From cleaning supplies to self-care all items are sustainable and eco-friendly. Boxes are shipped every season and plans start at $68 Canadian. 

SAM & LANCE Empower-Her Box

That's us! The Empower Her box is curated with ethically made sustainable products all from women-owned companies! Oh and as a bonus? SAM & LANCE is owned by Canadian women! Each season you will receive 6-8 full-sized products and have access to our add-on marketplace where you can stock up on past products that you’re running low on or more fun things to add to your box for yourself or gifts. Plans start at $59.95 Canadian and our spring box is shipping now, get yours before they’re gone, only a limited number are available. 


a chart comparing the features of the SAM & LANCE empower her box, fab fit fun box, alltrue and essentials eco box

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