Can a Subscription Box be Sustainable? Learn About The Three Ps!

Can a Subscription Box be Sustainable? Learn About The Three Ps!

Boxes are the new magazines when it comes to subscriptions! For all of you that loved getting your favourite teen magazines boxes are the new excitement. Especially now when we are staying home so much more that delivery is a ray of light and an incredibly exciting occurrence! 

While we love our regular deliveries we’re sure you’ve noticed piles of waste and plastic after the excitement of unboxing is over. It makes you question whether it's worth it. 

We’re here to tell you that it absolutely can be! Being surprised and delighted each delivery while still being a friend to the planet is possible can be easy! 

There are a few things to look for to make sure that your product discovery journey is as earth friendly as possible! 

Think of it in terms of the 3 Ps 

1. Partners

    Take a look at past boxes and see what kinds of brands they feature. Are they companies with green track records? Do they have earth friendly business practices? 

    2. Products

      Once again take a look at past boxes and see what kinds of products are included. Are they single use products? Once the products have lived their lives can they be reused or recycled? Are they products that will add joy and happiness to your life or will they just be creating clutter? 

      3. Packaging

        Take a look at not only how the whole box is packaged but also how the individual products are packaged too. Check to see what individual products are packaged in. Is it easily recyclable? Is it necessary? Then you’ll want to take a look at the actual box packaging. Often subscriptions are packaged in laminated boxes (laminated means plastic!) and then put in a plastic polymailer to protect the pretty box. Then there is all the paper and bubble wrap inside to keep the products safe. This can add up! If their website doesnt show their packing materials then don't be afraid to email in and ask!

        We know what you’re thinking! ‘That’s a LOT of work!’. Well not to worry! Did you know that SAM & LANCE has a subscription box that is totally sustainable?!



        Here are some things we do to make sure our box is as earth friendly as possible: 

        Boxes are sent quarterly

          This means that you get 4 boxes per year which gives you time to use up the amazing products you receive! With less shipments its less carbon emissions but still all of the fun!

          All box packaging is BIODEGRADABLE!

            Yup! Even our packing tape! Our boxes are even printed with soy based ink so that they can be composted. 

            All products in the box are both useful and useable

              We put a lot of thought and research into each product and make sure that they will be items you actually want to use and whose packaging can be easily upcycled or recycled once your done. No plastic knicknacks here!

              All brands fit our values

              We make sure that all the brands included in the box share our values and are also a friend and lover of the planet. As a bonus? We pay fair prices for the products that go into the box and don't require suppliers to pay us a ‘marketing fee’!


              Are you in love? Well its time to sign up! 

              Join the movement to make a difference while treating yourself!

              Can a Subscription Box be Sustainable?

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