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Best way to celebrate graduation to acknowledge the milestone

Whether it's high school, university, college, trade school or an advanced degree the event means that your loved one put in a lot of time, effort and energy to achieve this goal! Graduations are a new beginning and your loved ones deserve to be celebrated and showered with love! 

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These are some of our favourite ideas for how to help the graduate in your life feel loved and their achievements acknowledged. 

Host a party

What better way to say ‘we love you’ than a big gathering with everyone that cares about them! A traditional backyard barbecue is always a great time or class it up a bit with an evening event and have everyone come dressed to the 9s! Either way, ensure that your beloved graduate is front and centre and maybe have key people from their lives say a few words as a toast or speech. 

group of freinds seated around a low table with food and candles and musical instruments


Write them a letter

Letters are incredibly underrated. A thoughtful handwritten letter on nice paper will go such a long way. Tell them how proud you are of them and that you can't wait to see what the future holds for them. Maybe include some anecdotes of times you saw them overcome hardships and adversity during their studies and tell them how impressed you were. This shows them that you acknowledge their entire journey and not just the finished result! This is also something they can keep and look back on in years to come for comfort and inspiration.

black fountain pen on paper with a note written in undeciperable writing


A thoughtful gift

Everyone loves a good gift! We curated our “Con’GRAD’ulations” box just for the graduate in your life. This box comes with Eatable Popcorns' best-selling champagne-infused popcorn for the celebratory feel, a Kind Karmas Milestone bracelet that was made for life milestones such as graduations gifts and a beautiful guided journal from Pleasenotes for them to gather and express their thoughts on this next life chapter. 

gift box filled with kraft krinkle  paper and ethical products including a black guided journal from PleaseNotes, a bracelet fm Kind Karma, champane infused popcorn from eatable popconr


Take them out for 1:1 celebration

A one-on-one celebration can be so intimate and special. Maybe take them for a fancy dinner or do something thrilling like rock climbing! Whatever you choose it’ll give you a chance to catch up, chat about their next goals and you can really make them feel loved and special while making a memory you both can cherish. 

two hands holing up wine glasses full of red beverage ready to 'cheers'


At Home  spa day

If you and your beloved graduate are homebodies a home spa day is just the ticket! Load up on high tea style cakes and self-care products. Light some candles, put on relaxing music and you can do face masks, hair masks and mani-pedis while you chat and catch up. Add in some champagne to make the day really feel celebratory! You can also create a gift box with amazing self-care items that you both can use in our Build Your Box section! Choose things like scrunchies to get your hair out of your face, hair serums, face masks and more, and at the end they get to take everything home with them! How fun!


image of  a selection of products available in the 'build your box' section of the SAM & LANCE website


We cant wait to hear what are your favourite ways to celebrate the graduation milestone? Let us know in the comments!

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