Perfect Gifts for Teachers from Students that Support Small Businesses

Perfect Gifts for Teachers from Students that Support Small Businesses

Your Kids teacher has gone above and beyond this year! From not be appreciated by the governement to getting slime out of your kid's hair (again) to being there to listen when your child has a rough day. 

Show teachers some extra love this holiday season with a gift that is sure to be different and thoughtful!

Jingle All The Way Mini Box

A cute little box great for anyone at the school. A much-needed lip balm in a beautiful calming scent,  artisanal chocolate for a pick me up after the final bell rings and a fun key fob to corrall all their keys,  make for a box that is just as sweet as they are!

You Warm My Heart

Calming tea, a gorgeous candle and a soft fun scrunchie make for a perfect 'thinking of you' . Perfect for the teacher who loves doing yoga breaks with the class and who never seems to get rattled no matter how many kids' shoelaces need tying! 

For The Coffee Lover

Our bestseller!  Toasty sock are always needed especailly when theyre on their feet all day! Then they willl love this ethically sourced women owned coffee company Cafezia that uses herbs infused in their coffee to help combat caffeine jitters and other ill effects. The Cup will keep her coffee nice and warm and close by so she can keep coming back to it as the day progresses!

Teachers are so special and their gifts should be too! Dont see anything here you like? Shop our whole collections HERE or get creative and build a customized box for them!



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