Holiday Gifts For Mom That Will Make You Her Favourite Child

Holiday Gifts For Mom That Will Make You Her Favourite Child

Technically you’re not looking for a ‘last-minute gift’ you're just saving the best for last! 

Mom’s can be tough to buy for, they always say they dont need anything, or want anything other than you to be happy and successful and all that cute stuff. But we all know there should still be something under the tree! 

Here are some great ideas to help you choose a gift for Mom that is exactly what she wants even when she doesnt know what she wants!

Happy Holidays

If your Mom is one of those Mom's who is always on the go this is a great set for her! She can keep the super soft scrunchie in her bag for when shes rushing to yoga after work, a super cute travel mug and some tea to keep her going throughout the day and a luxurious ethically sourced chocolate bar to help her slow down and take a relaxing moment during the day. 

Santas Helper

Set mom up for an incredibly relaxing bath! A super soft organic cotton scrunchie will keep her hair out of the water without damaging it. Adding some of this incredible oat soak into the bath water will help moisturize her skin and save it from the dry winter air. Add in a candle for ambiance and a super soft lip balm to make sure that shes mosturized from head to toe!

You Deserve Some Me Time

What is it about flowers that just reminds you of moms!? This box is sure to bring some fun spring time vibes to the coming dreary months. Taking this mug out for her morning "hot mom walks" will make her the envy of the neighbourhood and brighten the days of everyone that walks by her 


Build your own box! 

Maybe she wants to try all the teas and  all the candles and also wants some  chocolate. Well add whatever you want to make your mamma jump for joy!  Super quick, super easy and super personal!


Whatever you choose we are sure your mom will love  her gift because it came from you! 

Still stuck? Send us a message! We'd love to help you and hear more about you and your mom! <3


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