Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Your Girlfriend From From Small Women Owned Businesses

Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Your Girlfriend From From Small Women Owned Businesses

Your girlfriend makes the best spaghetti and meatballs, gives award-winning shoulder rubs, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy whenever she walks in the room. Ok so maybe she's a blanket hog and leaves toothpaste in the sink but that's all part of her charm! 

This holiday season, impress your girlfriend with a thoughtful gift that is ethically made by women-owned small businesses. Women love supporting other women!

Self Care & Growth

Your girlfriend does so much for you and for all the others in her life, this box is a great reminder for her to take some much-needed time to care for herself! This box includes a journal to help her center her thoughts, a relaxing bath soak that not only relaxes the muscles but nourishes her skin as well. The Candle comes in a cute ceramic cup that can be reused as a mug, or for flowers or whatever might tickle her fancy. The box is rounded out with a lovely organic tea and puffy scrunchie that will look extra cute paired with your favourite hoodie she always steals 

Happily Ever After

Originally curated to be a wedding present but we also think this would be the perfect ‘you should spend more time at my place’ or ‘will you move in with me’ gift. Her own fluffy towel to use when she comes over, champagne popcorn to celebrate and a candle to set the mood. Add in a mug before checkout to add a little something extra for cozy mornings together. 

Ultimate Skin Care Set

You may think there's too much skincare in the bathroom but you could not be more wrong! Your girlfriend will love testing out these ethically made skincare products and maybe if you’re really lucky she’ll let you share! 

Support Local Toronto Box 

If your girlfriend is a lover of all that is local and you keep finding yourself at different farmers' markets each weekend then this box will knock her socks off! Each item is from a different Toronto-based woman-owned business. A face mask to put on while she relaxes in the tub with bath salts and a cup of tea and a beautifully scented candle. A journal for her to keep her brain and emotions healthy and an adorable tinted lip balm that won't leave marks on your cheek when she kisses you goodbye!

Still undecided?  Check out all of our curated boxes HERE or you can get creative and build your own box specially designed for her!


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