Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Your Girlfriend From From Small Women Owned Businesses

Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Your Girlfriend From From Small Women Owned Businesses

Your girlfriend makes the best spaghetti and meatballs, gives award-winning shoulder rubs, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy whenever she walks in the room. Ok so maybe she's a blanket hog and leaves toothpaste in the sink but that's all part of her charm! 

This holiday season, impress your girlfriend with a thoughtful gift that is ethically made by women-owned small businesses. Women love supporting other women!

Holiday Reflections

Your girlfriend does so much for you and for all the others in her life, this box is a great reminder for her to take some much-needed time to care for herself! This box includes a journal to help her center her thoughts, a relaxing bath soak that not only relaxes the muscles but nourishes her skin as well. The Candle comes in a cute tin that can be easily packed for travelling . The box is rounded out with a lovely organic tea and travel mug to keep her toasty warm while shes on the go! 

Take Time For Tea Time

Is your girl one of the ones who focuses so hard she forgets to take breaks? This is a great box to remind her to take some time out of her busy day to relax and focus on herself. Lighting a beatuiful scented candle is a great way to start the ritual, then she can brew herself a mug of soothing chamomile tea and and enjoy in her new mug that will fit any desk aesthetic!

Happy Holidays

She adds so much color to your life, so this colorful box will definitely be meaningful! The colorful chocolate wrapper is even birdegradeable so you'll get extra points for getting her a planet friendly present! A super soft scrunchie to get her hair out of her face is always appreciated, she can never have too many! and a great mug that will keep her tea warm for her entire commute. 

For My Bestie

This gift box will set her up for a fantastic relaxing bath! These bath salts smell incredible and have aromatherapy properties. Which is why we paired it with an unscented candle! She can still get the ambiance of a candle without the competing scents. A scrunchie is always needed in the tub to keep her perfect blow out from getting wet 

Still undecided?  Check out all of our curated boxes HERE or you can get creative and build your own box specially designed for her!


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