Bathe Like a Pro: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Soak

Bathe Like a Pro: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Soak

So you turn on the water, then sit in the tub and then what? You think to yourself “this is just basically people soup”. Well my friend you are most certainly doing it wrong! 

The perfect bath is an art form and doing it right can leave you feeling cleansed inside and out and give you the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Luckily learning the art of the bath is very simple and anyone can do it. Just follow these easy steps and your ‘people soup’ will turn into ‘relaxing moonlit mermaid lagoon’ in no time. 

Set the stage

No you're not on display, (unless you want to be… you do you boo!) but what we mean is set up your bathroom to make sure its a relaxing environment. Tidy the counter, move dirty laundry out, put those leaky shampoo bottles under the sink, and give the bathtub a quick wipe down. Having dirt and clutter around will only clutter your mind and we want to clear your mind! 


Set the mood

Now that the stage is set you need to set the mood. Dim the lights, light some candles (now is the time to use that fancy scented candle you’ve been saving for a special occasion!) put on a chill playlist or a rerun of an old favourite tv show. You should be feeling calmer already. 


Set the Soak

Finding the perfect temperature is different for everyone but remember the water cools down over time so you may want it a tiiinnyy bit hotter than you want it. This is also the time to put in any bubbles, bath bombs or bath salts. Choose ones that will be cleansing and moisturizing to your skin and that also have a great scent. 


Set the Snacks

Did you know that those metal mixing bowls everyone and their cousin has, float in the water? Great for popcorn or other snacks! You may also want to grab yourself a nice mug of tea to sip while in the water, it's important to stay hydrated as you may sweat while soaking and not notice. 

Set the Props

Get everything you might need ready to reach at your fingertips, a small towel for drying your hands in between snacking, face wash or nail polish, maybe a book. Anything you think might help you make the most of your tub time!

Now hop in and prepare to feel the life changing magic that is the perfect bath! 


Dont have any of these items or think it would be a fun way to introduce the art of baths to a friend? Head over to our Build Your Box section and you can create your perfect bath kit! Complete with popcorn and teas! Cant wait to see what you put together! Happy Bathing <3

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