6 Unique Gifts under $50

6 Unique Gifts under $50

Shopping sustainably for the holidays doesn’t have to break the budget. We did some searching for you and found a few truly beautiful and unique gifts that the people on your list will absolutely love

Jade Facial Roller

Jade Rollers have become a must-have item for beauty lovers and everyone in between! Used for massaging the face and promoting lymphatic drainage. (Read our blog post all about how to use it here!) 

Guided Journal

Help your loved ones start the year off right with a guided journal. Self-reflection is a great new year’s resolution and they’ll think of you every time they use it!

Organic Cotton Socks + Scrunchie

A perfect cozy comfy set to go with your favourite worn in tracksuit. Add in a big mug of hot chocolate and a Harry Potter marathon and we'd say you have the comfiest coziest weekend in!

Natural Candles by Elysian 

Hand poured double wick candles in a variety of unique and beautiful scents

Estelle Fringe Necklace

A unique statement necklace that goes with everything!. Made with recycled and repurposed roses and fabrics means that no additional dyeing or pollution was used to create the beautiful colours

Vine Crossbody Bag

This unique bag is woven from sustainably harvested jungle vines and handmade in cambodia. Perfect for weekend trips to the farmers market or even just in place of an everyday purse! 

None of these tickle your gift giving fancy? Check out our ‘Under $50 “ collection on the site for the entire list! We are sure you will find something they will love, or maybe even something for yourself. You know what they say about holiday shopping “One gift for you two for me!” (or is that just our personal rule? !) 

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