5 Tips for the Perfect DIY Galentines Box

5 Tips for the Perfect DIY Galentines Box

February 13th is Galentine's Day! Yay! In case you aren't familiar, Galentine's Day is Valentine's Day but for your ‘Gals’! It just makes sense, your life is what it is not only because of your romantic partners and your family but your besties are the family that you choose. 

It's time to start a tradition with your Gals for Galentines and we have a perfect way: Build Your Own Gift Box!

Invite your friends over for chocolate and champagne and surprise them with customized gifts chosen by you! 

Not sure how to build the most perfect gift for each of your girls? Let us help! Here are some of our best tips for building the ultimate customized Galentine's Day gift boxes for all your girlfriends!

Tip 1 

Same Same But Different. Keep things easy but cute by getting each of your girlfriends the same things but with some slight differences. Maybe each girl gets a different colour scheme or different scented candles. Either way keeps things simple yet thoughtful and its totally instagrammable when all the boxes are side by side!

Tip 2 

Add snacks! Chocolate is quintessential valentines day but also popcorn is a great addition for celebrations! Bonus is maybe they will share it with you during the festivities 

Tip 3 

Think of how the items in the gift box can all be used together to tell a story. One of our favourites is ‘Me Time’ adding things like a bath soak and candles tell a lovely story of a relaxing evening with a glass of wine and a hot bath for them to rest and recharge. Be creative and think about what story you want to tell your friends with their gift

Tip 4 

Take time to write them a note. Include why their friendship is important to you and maybe describe a time that they went above and beyond as a friend that meant a lot to you. A beautiful gift is great but what completes it is the sentiment. 


Tip 5 

Can't see your friend in person? Then mail it to them and have them open it over video chat! A fun way to reconnect and you can also see them tear up at your lovely message 


Not feeling creative but still want to show love?  Grab one of our limited edition exclusive Galentines Day boxes featuring an amazing Stephanie Chinn Print

So are you ready to plan your besties Galentines Night in? 

We can't wait to see what you choose in their boxes! Head over to our box builder to get started: 


If you get stuck or need help, we’re here for you! Send us an email or dm us on social media and we will come running!

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