5 Things to do Immediately after Moving

5 Things to do Immediately after Moving

New homes are a fresh start, a new beginning and the process is a whole lot of work! Between all the decisions and appointments and physically moving you are probably extremely exhausted. 

You have lots on your plate and even more on your mind but there are a few things that you need to absolutely do now that all your belongings are under the new roof. 


There may still be boxes to unpack or closets to organize but it will go so much smoother after you’ve rested. Order some takeout and have a bath or just sit on your new porch. Take some time to just breathe, or sleep. Just listen to your body and brain and let them rest



Pop open a bottle of bubbly, or a can of ginger ale, or order cupcakes. Mark this occasion as something special because it is! Sometimes during all the stress of a move you can forget that this is a big and exciting event! Whatever the reason that you moved mark this new beginning and welcome the moment with celebration and gratitude



Even if you've moved just a few blocks away you never know what hidden gems might be around the corner. Take a quick walk and get yourself excited about all the new things you’ll be able to experience in your new place! 



Who says you cant get yourself a housewarming present?! You can get yourself and your family a little gift to commemorate the event and make your new house feel like home. You can even get a fun gift box so theres something for everyone! 



This may sound silly but sit in the middle of your new house close your eyes and thank the house for becoming your home and for creating a welcoming haven for you and the ones you love. This will kickstart your new start! 


Moving doesn't have to be all about boxes, bubble wrap and missing candlesticks! By making sure to prioritize yourself during the process you can have a much for relaxing and fulfilling experience. Theres also always your housewarming party to look forward to! (and give you an incentive to unpack those last few boxes!) 

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments what you like to do when moving into a new home? 


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