5 Steps to Help You Write The Perfect Card

5 Steps to Help You Write The Perfect Card

If giving a gift is an art the card that accompanies it would be the gilded frame. 

What you decide to write in the card that accompanies your gift sets the tone for the occasion and can also help you put into words thoughts or feelings about the person you may not regularly vocalize. People will always remember how you made them feel, so this is a great time to leave them with a good feeling and a memento of that feeling in the card itself that they can go back to when they need a pick me up. 

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Step 1: The Greeting

You can always just write “To Jen” but this is the time to get a bit more personal. Adding in a qualifier or descriptive word can help set the tone of your message. Think about your relationship to them, why you're writing the card, and what the gift is for and use this to come up with a mini description of them to use before their name (or nickname!). Here are some examples:

To my most thoughtful best friend Jen

To Hannah my shining star

Eliza the world's best mother

Be creative! or keep it short and sweet, it's up to you!

Step 2: The why

Why have you decided to send them a gift and a card? Especially if you're giving them a gift as a thank you or an unconventional occasion like passing the BAR  or getting a motorcycle license letting them know the occasion is probably a good idea! Let them know that this occasion is special and important to you and you want to help them celebrate and acknowledge it. 

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Step 3: The Feels 

Tell them how you feel! Let them know if you are excited for them, proud of them, saddened by their recent loss. Whatever it may be let them know how you feel, detail why you feel that way and let them know how much you care about them 

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Step 4: The Hope

This last step is where you let them know your hope for them. Do you hope they get a chance to kick back and relax (maybe with some of the gifts you sent!)? Or that they get to celebrate and let their hair down? That they can take time to heal? Whatever your hope for them may be its important to include it. Hope is such a powerful and key part of life we should share it as much as possible

Card saying "thanks for being you'


Step 5: Sign Off

You did it! You made it to the end, depending on your relationship with the recipient its time to sign off with love, with sunshine or with best wishes and of course your lovely name! 

a rising tide lifts all boats

Writing the perfect card doesnt have to be mushy or overly sentimental. You can still make someone feel good with positive words and thoughtfully crafted messages. 

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