5 Secrets Subscription Box Companies Don't Want You To know

5 Secrets Subscription Box Companies Don't Want You To know

(And why SAM & LANCE wins every time!)

Subscription boxes are a fun and exciting way to introduce yourself to new products and treat yourself with a regular occurring surprise! 

Unfortunately many subscription boxes are hiding some sneaky secrets that may not align with your personal beliefs and values. 

1. Packaging

Pretty things make your heart tingle, that's a proven fact! However, pretty packaging can also very easily harm the environment. Shiny laminated boxes can be harder to recycle, styrofoam packing materials to protect the products have to go directly into the garbage and most products are individually wrapped in plastic. Next time you watch an unboxing video look at all the waste that piles up and see what kind of impact these boxes can have on the environment!

2. Product Sizes

Full size or travel size - that is the question! While travel sizes can be fun, they usually end up being a larger waste to product ratio overall increasing your carbon footprint. 

3. Questionable Product Acquisition

Subscription boxes have been under scrutiny in the past few years as some subscribers have noticed that the ‘luxury’ items they received in their boxes are actually inexpensive products found on Alibaba with a fancy sticker or label added to them. While sometimes we are sure you can find good products on alibaba, trying to sneak in inexpensive products under the radar seems unethical to us! 

4. Unfair Pay 

Did you know that smaller brands don't often get paid to put their products into subscription boxes? They are expected to give the product for free and hope that it works as a marketing tool that will eventually increase profits. This creates a huge risk for small companies who are already working off of tight margins and low budgets. Some other boxes also actually ask for the products AND collect a fee to have those products placed in their boxes. This creates barriers for smaller brands to be able to access this plus it’s unfair that people are giving products without getting paid for their work 

5. Filler Products

Subscription box companies want you to feel like you get your money’s worth but still want to make enough money! So they add inexpensive ‘filler’ items so that your box looks full. This can distract from the fact that the items in the box have lower retail values and these filler products are often items you won't use and will most likely throw out or end up in a drawer somewhere. Wouldn't it be better to just get your money's worth of useful items that won't clutter your house?!

But don't fret! There is hope and there are boxes out there that let you spoil yourself without the environmental impact or the guilt!

Did you know that for every SAM & LANCE subscription box we promise that: 

✔️  All suppliers are paid fair prices for their products included in the boxes

✔️  All packaging is biodegradable

✔️  All items are full size 

✔️  All items are useful and useable and won't create clutter or waste in your home

✔️  All the woman owned brands and products are researched and vetted and have passed our values test and meet our quality standards

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 5 Secrets Subscription Box Companies Don't Want You To know

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