5 Reasons Why Subscription Boxes Will be Your New Favorite Thing

5 Reasons Why Subscription Boxes Will be Your New Favorite Thing

Subscription Boxes: What’s The Hype?
5 Reasons why Subscription Boxes will be your new favourite thing

In the past decade or so Subscription Boxes have gained in popularity throughout the world. The way they work is you can get a regular delivery of themed products sent straight to your door. Some are monthly, and others (like our Empower-Her Box) are quarterly, giving you more time for anticipation!

If you have never gotten yourself a subscription box before you might be wondering what everyone is so excited about and if this is something that would fit into your lifestyle. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think you will love receiving a subscription box

Discover New-To-You Products 

Have you ever used a shower steamer before? What about a solid moisturizer? Subscription boxes can help you learn about new and innovative products that you might not have used or heard of before. You get to test them out and find new things that suit your lifestyle and personality!

Empower Her Spring Subscritpion Box


Discover New-To-You Brands

Each brand has a unique story and a unique twist on each of their products. Just because you didn't like one company’s bath bomb doesn't mean another won't knock your socks off! Small and new brands love to put their products in subscription boxes so people like you can learn about how wonderful they are and fall in love! 


Always having gifts available

Subscription boxes usually come with a number of different products with each shipment. Sometimes these might not be items you personally want to use but they often make amazing gifts! Set these items aside for unique hostess gifts or to add to birthday presents. You’ll be known as a ‘supergifter’ in no time!


Treat Yourself

Subscription boxes are usually a great value. Take the Empower-Her Box for example. For $59.95 you get over $100 worth of products! This quarterly treat doesn't have to break the bank and the products inside are sometimes super fun items you wouldn't often buy for yourself so its like an adorable surprise to you from you!


Support Your Values

These boxes often fit into different niches. You can easily find one that fits your personal values which means you support businesses that you believe in without even thinking about it. The Empower-Her box features all products from Women Owned brands that follow ethical and sustainable practices. The products are also curated to be useful and easily gifted so that you don't end up with clutter or waste!

We’re excited to know what your favourite part about receiving a subscription box. Let us know in the comments!

Ready to start subscribing? Click here to get your Empower-Her Subscription and start treating yourself by supporting women!

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