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5 Easy Steps to Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

You've seen those people who always look perfectly put together and stylish with seemingly little effort. You want to ask them their secret but you're sure it's probably expensive And complicated.

Apu Off White Cardigan by Once Upon an Artisan

We're here to tell you it's not! 

We're going to let you in on the secret: it's all about capsule wardrobes. 

That rings a bell right? 

We're sure you've probably heard of them in passing but often the theory of it is misunderstood and people think that having a capsule wardrobe means you wear a black turtleneck and jeans every day a la Steve Jobs

Chambray Cropped Pants by Irema Slow Fashion


We’re here to tell you that the joys of a capsule wardrobe means you still get to access your individuality and creativity while saving closet space and also not having to spend precious time every morning trying to find something to wear. 

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to have a smaller collection of interchangeable basics that follow a simple colour palate then having a number of accent pieces that can be easily added to outfits to create your unique and individual style. 

Now you may look at that list and think “BORING!” but when you really think about it, a T-shirt isn’t just a T-shirt, a cotton top that makes you excited and can be considered a t-shirt is most likely very different than something your best friend would choose. Or even black pants, are they paper bag waist or pencil cigarette pants or bootleg trousers? The only thing that needs to happen is to keep your capsule basics is to keep within a colour palate. Maybe black grey white, or beige and cream. Choose colours that will go well with your favourite accent pieces and that make you happy. 

So here are 5 easy steps to get started on your own capsule wardrobe: 

1. Pick a style

This can be the easiest part or the hardest part depending on how well you think you know yourself. Technically everyone has a ‘style’ but not everyone likes being defined. This is just an exercise to help you figure out what direction to take your new capsule wardrobe in. So first take out your top 3 favourite items of clothing. The ones you reach for again and againa nd that make you feel most like yourself. Look for similarities between them, are they all the same colour? Do they have similar fabrics? Are they colorful and edgy? Or maybe lacey and feminine. Pick 2 or 3 words that best describe those three pieces of clothing and note their colour and feel. This you can use as your base ‘style’ to model your capsule wardrobe after

Skinny Jeans by Progoti

2. Pick a colour palate 

If you open up your wardrobe you will probably see that you naturally gravitate towards certain neutrals and certain bolder colours. Very rarely will people have a full even spread of ROYGBIV and neutrals. Maybe you love bold fall colours and all your neutrals are light browns and creams. Or you love black and a bold blue. We are often told to ‘stick to colours that look good on you’ but thats only part of the equation. If you look good in yellow but hate it then stop buying yellow! Its about what makes you happy and what makes you feel good. For this step choose 2 neutral colours and 2-3 bolder colours that work well together that you love and these will be the basis of your colour palate

Evanna Dress by Jackie Lutze

3. Find your fun

If you’re thinking ‘im supposed to stick to one style and one colour palate and thats it?! That sounds boring!” , well it doesnt have to be. The whole point is to have a basic ‘capsule’ of items that you can easily mix and match and are all items that you absolutely love that you can easily put them together. But this step is about fun. So say your style is Feminine and Flirty and your neutrals are light pink and cream and your bolder colours are red and purple, you can easily add accent pieces to mix it up a bit. Adding a black leather moto jacket with a lacey dress can completely change the look and make you feel different but still with your regular capsule pieces. Items like Scarves, trendy pieces, hats and jackets dont need to count towards your ‘capsusle’ and can be interchanged throughout the seasons. 

Beauty Trench by Nandni Studios

4. Purge

This step is important but will be difficult and will take some time. We’re not saying throw everything out! But this is a good time to go through and take out anything that 

  • You havent worn in the past year (other than formal wear or a result of working from home) 
  • That doesnt fit well and you dont love enough to get altered
  • That hasnt fit you in years
  • That is stained or damaged beyond repair
  • That you dont feel good in or you feel self conscious while wearing. 
  • That you dont absolutely love

Most likely you will be left with a small collection of items that you absolutely love. But dont toss your ‘purge pile’ yet! Wait till the next step

Short Sleeve Crewneck by The Good Tee

5. Assess

Take this time to go through your ‘to keep’ items these should all be things that you wear often and love. Go through these items and make note of how many tops, bottoms, basics, dresses etc that you have left and how many outfits can be made from it. This is where you may need to pull a few items out of your ‘purge’ pile until you can replace them with items that fit your new capsule better and that you will love and want to wear regularly. The total number of items you end up with will depend on your personal preference, the number of outfits you wish to be able to create, how often you do laundry or dry cleaning and how large your closet is. 


May Bubble Skirt by YNG

Now after 5 steps you should have a small wardrobe that you absolutely love that is easy to mix and match and the next time you want to shop you just make sure it fits in with the style, colour palate and other items in the wardrobe. It might take a bit longer to find the perfect piece but it will be worth it when you keep it and wear it for years and have less fuss when getting ready to leave the house!

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