4 Reasons Why You Should Always Gift Yourself

4 Reasons Why You Should Always Gift Yourself

When you think about gifting it's usually for friends, family, coworkers, babysitters, literally anyone other than yourself. You get great joy and satisfaction from choosing the perfect gift for the perfect person, why then is it so hard to agree to gift yourself something?

I'm sure you’re thinking, “I give myself gifts! Last week I had a bad day so I bought myself a donut! That totally counts” 

Well I'm here to tell you that NO no it doesn't. 

Giving yourself a true gift means taking time, searching for the perfect item. Giving yourself something you don't really need but that would make you feel all warm and fuzzy if you received it from a friend. Who’s to say you can't be your own friend!? 

Here are some reasons why you should start being a more thoughtful gifter to yourself

You know yourself best

Receiving gifts from others can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, you open something you might never use or that really just isn't ‘you’ and makes you question how your friends see you! But for yourself you know that not only is your favourite colour purple it's that specific shade of purple that's so hard to find that is the perfect lavenderey lilac-y sunset-y purple that makes you feel calm to your core just thinking about it. 

Self Love

Self love is something that is hard to do but showing up for yourself and treating yourself to something special. Not something you need or something that would improve your home but something that you want, something that you would gift to your friends or a loved one. Maybe a fancy candle or bath salts or a nice sushi dinner. Something that would make you feel honored and loved if someone gave it to you



Celebrating big things is so much fun with friends. But sometimes there are small accomplishments in your life that feel like they need a celebration too. Maybe you made an important breakthrough in your recent therapy session, or went a whole week without misplacing your keys or glasses, perhaps you finally stood your ground in front of a bully co-worker. Whatever the reason you deserve a pat on the back and ‘yay me’ gifts are just the thing for that. Why not reward yourself with something fun!?


Surprise Yourself

But how?! Two words for you “Subscription Boxes”. Who doesn't love surprises and a great way to gift yourself something new and exciting is to sign up for a subscription box service. The Empower Her Box comes every quarter with 5-7 full sized ethically made goodies all from women owned companies. Each box is full of useful and usable items that won't clutter your space but will make you feel like a super special queen! 

So what we’re trying to tell you is that you are special, you are important and you deserve to show yourself some love and appreciation in the form of gifts! 

So get shopping! 

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