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4 Reasons Why Gifting is Important To Your Business

You have been building your business non-stop and have things almost figured out, you’ve heard people in your network mention ‘Corporate Gifting’ but brush it off and assume it doesn't apply to you or your small business. However! You shouldn't be so quick to dismiss it just yet!

Client gifting is an essential part of running a business and has incredible benefits when managed properly.

These are our top reasons why you should not wait to start your own corporate gifting program!

ONE: Creating Touchpoints

Increasing the number of touchpoints with your customers is crucial to brand growth and awareness. But keep in mind, touchpoints don't always have to be digital! Gifts are a way for your clients to interact with your brand and keep you at the forefront of their thoughts. 

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TWO: Customer Loyalty

Giving your customers appreciation or welcome gifts creates a bond and an emotional attachment to your company and you! They will feel connected to you and maybe even a little bit indebted to you and will want to continue the business relationship. There is also an increased chance they will refer additional customers to you, which is definitely important! 

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THREE: Internal Company Culture

Gifts shouldn't just be for clients! You should also be engaging with your team and showing them appreciation through gifts. It has been proven  that employees who receive gifts from their employers feel more appreciated and perform better at their jobs. 



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FOUR: User Generated Content

A well crafted and presented gift should be something that the recipient wants to share on their socials. They tag you, and sing your praises to their entire network. These posts are great for re-sharing and generating more awareness about your brand, services and just how awesome you are in general!

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So are you ready to learn more about  how corporate gifting can fit your business and your budget? Book a free chat with us here and let's get started!

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