33 Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas

33 Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas


It's that time of year again! Spring has sprung the air smells like tulips with all the beautiful blooms it is the perfect time to honor our wonderful mothers and mother figures in our lives. 

Mammas truly are special human beings. They love you unconditionally, listen to you relentlessly whine about your boss, are there for a should to cry on and are honest when that dress looks terrible on you. 

Mammas are also all so different and we are so lucky to have each and every one of them We came up with a list of fun items for a few types of mamma and hope they spark some inspiration. 

Its also important to remember that if big gifts aren't in your budget that’s ok! Offer to make her dinner (even if it’s just spaghetti) or plan a day together that includes walks in the park and maybe share a piece of cake at a cute bakery. It’s all about showing your appreciation in whatever way works best for you! 

For the Mamma who loves to cook

Her recipes heal heartbreaks and broken bones and nothing can compare to her signature dish! She’s the hostess with the mostess so here are a few things to help her in her Kitchen Queendom

These re perfect for covering leftovers (if there ever are any) but they also make such a great seal that its perfect for when she brings her signature dish in her fancy chafing dish to your house it won’t spill all over her car. Reusable and handcrafted with organic ingredients. 
Help her become more eco friendly with these adorable produce bags! She will be the envy of the farmers market.  These mesh produce bags are made from recycled plastic bottles. 
Keep her outfit clean while still looking stylish these aprons are up for the task. Hand embroidered by Palestinian refugees. 
To go with her new produce bags and match her apron this market tote is beautiful and so roomy! 

For the Mamma Who taught you all her skincare secrets

She’s fierce, she’s flawless and she taught you all she knows. (and if you’re lucky you inherited her great skin!) Here are some ideas to help round out her routine and maybe try some new things, be the one who shows her something new this year!

Jade Rollers make every skincare routine seem luxurious. Helps with DePuffing and fine lines.
Up her skincare game to the next level! Body dry brushing has been hyped (for good reason!) for years but face brushing is starting to get its moment to shine. Dry brushing activates the lymphatic system which helps stimulate your body’s natural response to detoxifying. 
Not only is this scrub beneficial to your skin but its also all-natural and its bright yellow color is so cheerful.

Conditions hairs from root to tip, naturally enhancing her brows for the perfect full shape to frame her beautiful face. 


For the Mamma who taught you to be a BO$$ and is always hustling

Shout out to these mamas who are entrepreneurs, boss ladies, and hustlers. Here are some ideas to help her relax and take that much-needed downtime for herself!

Not only will these provide her with the most relaxing soak, soothe her muscles and ease her stress but the beautiful bottle will look so great on the side of her tub.
Incense is always such a nice way to set the mood for meditation or at-home yoga or even just when she wants to curl up with a good book. 
Mammas not an incense person? A candle is definitely the way to go! 
Help Mamma relax and clear her skin of impurities with this gorgeous mask from Province Apothecary. It actually comes in powder form and she can mix it on her own, perfect for taking on her business trips since theres no liquid!

For the Mamma who is always on the GO

She loves to travel, is always out with friends and finding new adventures.  

This traditionally woven Turkish outdoor blanket is perfect for her to bring to picnics, movies in the park or bonfire nights. 
Help her keep her passport protected in style! 
Mammas on the go should be eco friendly too! Great for use while traveling or at home checking out food truck festivals!



For the Stylish Mamma 

For the mama who always seems to have it together and her looks are always on point! 

These beautiful handmade earrings pull together any outfit. We can picture them with her favorite LBD, or A-line dress. 
Understated and classy just like mamma!
This ethically made shirt is part trendy while still staying classy, a great addition to any wardrobe.
Between the button and the scalloped details we can’t pick a favorite part of this clutch and we’re sure your mamma won’t be able to either!


For the Spiritual Mamma

 This mama knows her crystals and is quite the yogi

Sugulite is associated with spiritual growth and is said to improve healing and encourage the wearer to live more boldly!
Perfect for daily yoga sessions!
Amethyst is supposed to block negative energy and mental stress
This guided journal will help her on her way to self-actualization and happiness!


For the cool aunt who feels like a second Mamma

Comfy and stylish! This poncho would look adorable for movie night with a pair of leggings but also great for brunch when paired with jeans
Maybe she’ll find her new signature scent and its all thanks to you
Bold necklace to match her bold and fun personality
This symbolizes all the life milestones that she has seen you through. Every time she wears it shell remember all your special moments together

For the amazing Grammys, Nanas, GamGams, MeeMaws 

The puff format has a vintage and retro feel and will also be gentle on her delicate skin.
A thick beautiful moisturizer for her to use before bed and keep her looking young so people continue to mistake her for your mom!
A classic shape that will go with all her outfits and that she won’t want to take off.



For the MIL who raised your wonderful partner and welcomed you into the family

Who doesn't love a relaxing cup of tea and a great play on words! This English Breakfast blend will help you maintain your status as her favorite daughter in law.
To remind her of the goddess that she is! 
A beautiful pillow to brighten up her favorite armchair

If you're still stuck on a gift, you can always order her one of our curated care crates or a gift card to pick out something she loves.

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