20 Products Your Mom Will LOVE this Mothers Day

20 Products Your Mom Will LOVE this Mothers Day

We love celebrating Mother’s Day! Moms and mother figures are so important and have helped to shape us into the incredible humans we are today

One thing that our mothers have a huge impact on shaping is our own personal morals and values. Her job is to help teach you right from wrong and to make sure you develop an inner voice that helps guide you through an ethical life. 

The 6 Values on SAM & LANCE are based on the founders’ (Veronica & Alora’s) personal values they were taught by their parents. (Read more about our values here!)

This Mothers day we encourage you to shop for your mom based on HER personal values to show her that you’ve been listening all these years and you are proud of the person she has shaped you into!


Is your Mom an animal lover? This category has her in mind then!

These products are not tested on animals, no animals were used or harmed during manufacturing. 

Miracle Plants Facial Oil

Made in Australia this hydrating serum is vegan and cruelty free and also helps improve skin elasticity and brightness!


Lavender & Chamomile Soap

Vegan and never tested on animals this soothing soap bar is made in Montreal with ingredients you can recognize and pronounce!

Gardenia Clementine Natural Candle

Handmade small batch candles made with natural ingredients with the intent to transport you to your favourite destinations through scent


If your mom kept all your awards and trophies she might love something from a brand has been able to qualify for and receive external certification related to ethical and sustainable business practices. These are certifications such as GOTS, Fair Trade, and Bcorp.

Womens Relaxed Fit Batwing Tee

Organic cotton, transparent supply chain, and supery comfy?! This tee will be great for wearing with leggings to movie night or with skinny jeans and a fun scarf for girls night out. 

Black Tatreez Flat D’Orsay 

Created by low income and refugee women preserving the traditional tatreez embroidery methods

Sustainably Sourced

Has your mom always inspired you to care for the environment and started your eco friendly journey early in childhood? 

These brands use ethical supplies and have excellent visibility into their supply chains. they ensure that all products come from sustainable sources and that the staff working for their suppliers are paid fair wages. 

Kusi Jumper 

Alpaca knitwear ethically hand-made in Peru. They are passionate about natural & sustainable fibers such as alpaca and organic cotton and they support small groups of knitters in Peru.

Cork Yoga Mat

Did you know that cork is a renewable resource and harvesting cork is sustainable and does not harm the trees? 

Dolan Knotted Necklace

Handcrafted rope jewelry using recycled fibres turned into ropes 

Ethically Manufactured

Is your mom someone who always stood up for what she believes in? Did she always have  your back and encourage you to stick up for your friends? 

These brands pay their employees fair and living wages, manufacture products with minimal waste and pollution and follow international labour laws.

Zambezi Dreaming Lotion

Handmade natural skincare with 100% of profits supporting clean water and wells in Zambia

The Abby

Ethically made using upcycled tires and locally sourced leather 

The Abby purse is full of possibilities while keeping a minimalist profile. 

Blair Dress

Designed and made by hand in Singapore using a mixture of ethical and deadstock fabrics

Waste Reducing

If your mom was the original queen of recycling and reusing? Shell love these creative brands! 

These products are easily recycled, reused or will biodegrade naturally and easily at the end of their lifecycle. OR products are made from recycled materials.

Arena Raffia Clutch

Hand croched in Madagascar this bag will happily return to the earth once its served its useful purpose

Beeswax Wraps

Ditch the plastic wrap and opt for reuseable and natural beeswax wraps to keep food fresh!

Cotton Produce Bags

 Mom will be the envy of the farmers market! These bags are perfect to corrall fresh mushrooms and separate fruits and vegetables

Purpose Driven 

If your mom has a heart of gold and has always been incredibly generous she will appreciate brands that are just like her!

These brands are either a not for profit organization, support charities through donations and volunteer hours, have a not for profit alongside their business, educate and preserve traditions OR hire economically disadvantaged women 

Face Mask & Scrunchie Set

The cozy version for the new normal. comes in 5 different patterns! Each purchase gives back to Wildlife Preservation Canada

Mama Necklace

An elegant necklace that gives back to Camfed, an organization that gives back to girls education in subsaharan Africa

North Star Amethyst Bracelet

Daria Day works with artisans living in the remote mountain communities  Northern Pakistan

The rough gemstones are sourced from local miners and then processed by women into beads or faceted stones. Women artisans then fashion them into each gorgeous piece of sustainable jewelry.

Gift Boxes

If your mom is just a bundle of everything wonderful and good then maybe a box full of products that meet many values would be great for her!

Skincare Box

This box is perfect for someone who is looking to start their natural skincare journey. It includes Coffee Peppermint Face Scrub to buff the dead skin away, Oil Based Cleanser to remove makeup and buildup from your stressful day, Facial oil to moisturize and plump and a facial brush to activate your lymphatic system

Reflect Box

A perfect gift fo rthose who could really use some reflective 'me' time. Thoughtfully curated with products that will help them to take a special moment to themselves. 

Relax Box


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